SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY MID CITY PEOPLE!!! Woo Woo! Yeah. If you even know what or where Mid City is, good on you! It’s mostly a residential neighborhood I would say, but little do most people know there are some serious eats tucked in these quiet corners. I have been a Mid City resident myself for the past year, and coming from a bustling neighborhood like downtown Culver City to sleepy Mid City was a bit of an adjustment. I couldn’t just walk to Culver Blvd and have some of the best dining in LA at my fingertips anymore. In Mid City I definitely had to look a little harder, but when I did I was surprised to find some of the best most TRULY neighborhood type restaurants I’ve found in LA yet. And they’re all right here, in the middle of the city. If you’re ever passing through or just looking for a great local spot to stop in, these would be my 5 favorite places in Mid City:



Ok I’m just gonna say it, Green Table made me love and appreciate vegan food like I never knew I could. I never knew tofu could be so fun, or a tomato salad could be so delicious. Or that a superfood bowl could be like eating dessert! This place is probably my favorite place in Mid City, and it’s DEFINITELY my favorite vegan restaurant in LA. The space is absolutely adorable, so inviting, the menu is amazing, and they’re open practically all day. (7am – 8pm if you were curious.) My go-to is the Spring Time Mint bowl (Acai berries, banana, chocolate mint infused almond milk, almond butter, & dark chocolate blended together and topped with fresh banana, shaved dark chocolate, crushed sprouted almonds, & mint leaves) and the B Loved panini when I’m feeling something savory (Tofu egg scramble warmed with sweet yellow onion, garlic, red bell pepper, fresh tomato, avocado, vegan cream cheese & spicy mayonnaise on butter ciabatta bread). Vegan or not this place is the fuckin’ jam.



I have never heard of a Mexican restaurant with Cajun flavor… but it totally exists, it’s totally delicious, and it’s totally Sky’s Gourmet Tacos. Sky’s has been a Mid City institution for YEARS, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of having one of their dishes they making visiting Mid City worth it alone. My favorites have to be… frankly all of their breakfast items. But I also love their chicken nachos, the carne asada tacos *with their signature Sassy sauce*, and their mushroom and potato tacos. Everything at Sky’s has a bit of a cajun flavor, it’s by no means super traditional Mexican food, but that’s why I love it. And it never disappoints!


Photo: @amayzingets via Instagram



Hollywood Pies has the best deep dish pizza in the world the end. Fight me on it I dare you. Yes it’s better than any deep dish in Chicago. Yes it’s better than any pizza in LA. Yes it’s my favorite pizza on the planet. Can you tell I order from here like once a week? AND IT NEVER GETS OLD. Ok but to get real nerdy here for a second… the crust is absolutely beyond – like worth eating by itself, which is a big deal. They don’t over cheese, and they don’t over sauce, so your slice – even as far as a deep dish slice is concerned – stays in tact. It’s incredible. Hollywood Pies is kind of tricky to get your hands on if you don’t live in the area, and it’s not the cutest place to sit down and hang… but if you CAN get it delivered, do it. It’ll change your life, and if it doesn’t we cant be friends anymore.



Admittedly this place doesn’t look like a whole heck of a lot from the outside, it looks like just your average corner diner, but HELLO –  THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT. CJ’s is on the same part of Pico where Sky’s is, and when it comes to the restaurants around here, if it’s not Mexican, it’s Creole. CJ’s, similarly to Sky’s, is a bit of both! CJ’s just happens to be exceptionally good at traditional Mexican dishes and breakfast. CJ’s ain’t for instagram, it’s no frills, no bull, just a good neighborhood diner you can always count on.


Photo: @2centsla via Instagram



My Two Cents is another classic and beloved neighborhood joint in LA. It’s nothing too fancy, just a cute little shop serving up some insanely good Southern style Soul food. Fun fact: it’s a favorite of Solange – among SO MANY others. It’s a quick drop in a dine type place, but if you just want something that feels homemade and made with love, this is definitely the place in Mid City to get that. Not to mention the staff is so great, chef Alisa is so talented, and their prices are totally fair. Dishes that come highly recommended are the oxtail tacos, the mac n cheese, and the creole shrimp and corn grits – everything else is just bonus!



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