One thing I’ll never get tired of – trying new makeup or beauty products. I’ve been dabbling a lot lately looking for new moisturizers, trying a few of the trends my friends swear by, and discovering new cosmetic brands I now cant seem to live without. Because I’ve been such a busy little tester bee I thought I’d share with you the products I’ve recently discovered and am absolutely LOVING.




I have officially been inducted into the jade roller club and I ain’t lookin’ back. I cannot tell you how many friends of mine swear by these weird little stone contraptions! So I’ve been trying it myself and I seriously feel like my face feels a bit tighter, and like that collagen is coming back… I may full well just love the zen practice of rolling the jade on my face truth be told, but at the end of the day it cant hurt!




I’ve been in love with LA born Kosas for YEARS, back when they only produced four – of the most perfectly shaded – lipsticks. Recently though the brand has expanded their collection and now offers 12 shades of lipstick as well as 3 new blush/bronzer and highlighter duos that come in both cream or powder. Founder Sheena Yaitanes spent years perfecting these formulas, and thus each forward-thinking formula is brought to life with active botanicals balanced by strategic, safe synthetics – what a concept huh? I wear all Kosas almost everyday; it’s a quality, fool proof, easy to digest and use cosmetic brand that makes life so easy. I am especially obsessed with the Tropic Equinox creme bronzer/highlighter duo and the Stardust lipstick – they’re the foundation to my easy everyday look! This set though is a great place to start – it comes with my two favorite bronzer/blush and highlighter duos and two of my favorite lipsticks.




I have to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of facial oils. I didn’t particularly love how most of them felt so heavy on my face, and well – oily.  Despite the general consensus that they’re gods gift to the beauty world, I was always worried they were clogging my pores and/or not really doing anything besides making me look shiny. That is until I met Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and have actually been loving the results. No irritation, no clogging, just really fresh and moisturized looking skin. I’ve been using it with Sunday Riley’s “Good Genes” all in one lactic acid treatment and despite all my hesitance I am a satisfied customer.




If there’s one scent out there that just screams warm weather it’s Skylar’s Coral scent. Skylar is a local Los Angeles brand and I’m obsessed with their products and overall mission in the beauty dept. All of their scents are natural, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and affordable all at the same time. Coral is my go-to current scent for Spring – it’s fruity, floral, and and fun. I usually have a hard time with perfumes giving me a headache, even the lighter scents, but one spritz of Coral and I’m good to go – and headache free.




If there’s one thing I’ll have in my hair supply cabinet for the indefinite future it’d be OUAI’s Texturizing Hair Spray. I feel like I used to use so many products to get the simple effect this one product gives me and I absolutely cannot live without it now – I use it no matter how I decide to style my hair. I personally love it because I have relatively fine and soft hair, and this gives hold/volume/texture all in one without it actually looking like you have any product in your hair. I swear this is some magical sh*t. I also use OUAI’s Hair Oil and Wave Spray regularly, but the Texturizing Hair Spray is hands down my favorite hair care product on the market.


What products are you especially loving right now? Tell me all about them in the comments! 


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