It’s happening! Fall styles are officially in full swing! If you kept up with all of your favorite influencers in NYC last week, you caught a first hand glimpse of where Fall fashion is headed this year. We saw jewel tones, corduroy, western accents, knits, and two of my personal favorite trends – plaid and animal prints galore.


TOP: Calvin Rucker (n/a anymore) // Similar Plaid Shirt(s) that come in tons of colors HERE // More Plaid Shirts HERE // More plaid everything HERE


I have always loved a good plaid shirt, but plaid this year is expanding into skirts, pants, dresses – you name it. I was just in Zara yesterday and saw lots of Cher in the 90’s inspired outfits, and quite a bit of rocker chic plaids as well. There is something so “Fall” to me about to deep greens, reds, and blues you’ll find in plaid pieces.


Trousers: OAK NYC (old) // more high waisted trousers HERE // other great Fall trousers HERE


Besides plaid you are probably seeing animal print pieces, and you’re seeing them more than you ever have in your life. These wild prints are having a MOMENT, and even I am getting in on it! I honestly never fancied myself an animal print girl, but for the right piece I cave. Whether it be snake skin, cheetah, leopard, what have you; if it’s done right I back it. I’ve found that animal prints can oddly enough be really great neutrals and can really add a fun new element to a look. They dont have to be cheesy or overtly sexy, animal prints these days can be just plain fun.


Boots: Zara // shop more Fall booties HERE


While it’s still pretty damn hot in Los Angeles, plaid and animal prints can be Fall trends you can get in on now. It’s not too hot for boots, and a light weight plaid shirt is the perfect top for going out in the evening. I’ve been wearing mine a bit off the shoulder tucked in for something a little different; it’s a fun way to play with a structured look. It makes it a bit sexified, something I am entirely unfamiliar with but not opposed to dabbling in.


PHOTOS: Heather Frey



What Fall trends are you absolutely loving so far? Tell me more in the comments!


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