Love and Loathing LA DateNight


Date night, whether new or not, is usually stressful because of one thing: what the hell am I supposed to wear. More often than not we get tied up in what we’re hoping our date will like and find appealing, but unfortunately ladies self consciousness is contagious and if you’re not 100% sure about what you’ve got on… it’s all no bueno. We’ve all been there, I’ve worn an unfortunately unflattering tube dress in Vegas, I’ve paraded myself in bars with my best “hey boys” outfit, but the one thing I’m learning as I get older is that dressing for yourself, and maybe a little bit for girls, is a recipe for success. AND NONE OF US LIKE TUBE DRESSES. There IS a way to dress with confidence and still be sexy. Wether it’s a high waisted skirt with a slit, a strappy red shoe, a dress with a low back, minimalist sexy with a bit of confidence is without a doubt the sexiest. If you’ve got a beautiful date night planned or you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day, my vote regardless is that always you should look and feel your best.


TOP: Vivian Chan “Nadya

SKIRT: Vivian Chan “Polina

SHOES: Raye “Bennie

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