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Where the hell has time gone. Just a minute ago it was the beginning of December and now suddenly in the blink of an eye it’s January freakin’ 11th! I hope all of you not only survived your first week back in the full swing of reality, but that you also truly enjoyed the holidays with (hopefully) some time off to relax and recharge. I know I did.

December was a doozy for good ol’ Love & Loathing LA. (Using the word “doozy” more often in conversation is a resolution of mine, excellent word right?) Between 12 days of giveaways, holiday related posts and events, receiving my first ever set of stitches in a dodgy ER, traveling, my 27th birthday, and just trying to simply hold it all together… let’s just say I was looking forward to the holidays this year. Just a little.

For the first time in forever – Frozen anyone – I took two weeks off to calm down, sit and listen to the rain, sip hot tea, sleep, and color in my adult coloring books – which are no joke, just FYI. Very soothing. I’m sure just like you I struggle between wanting to do it all, do it all perfectly, and somehow manage not turn into an overwhelmed basket case while I’m at it. The looming end to the year can really add to the struggle can’t it? The looming end to the year can also really get you thinking, and potentially prepped for change and a little self improvement come January.

After two weeks of full relaxation and reflection I felt good about heading in to January and thus 2016 with intention. I took some time to review and write down one positive and memorable thing that happened every month in 2015, as well as what I wanted to see happen for me and Love & Loathing LA in the new year. January, all though exciting, can be a somewhat daunting time of year. Often times we unnecessarily overwhelm ourselves with things we think we need to change and change like A S A P.

If there’s anything I’ve learned and try to remind myself of regularly, it’s that everything worthwhile in life takes time. Whether that be eating more green things, sweating more, being nicer to yourself (and perhaps others), new habits don’t form in a day. And instead of choosing to stress or beat yourself up, a crucial component to achieving any goal is to remember the positive things/moments that have lead you to where you are. The hardest part, the actual decision to move forward and decide which area(s) of your life could use a little TLC, is already over. I wrote down all of those great things that happened throughout 2015 as a reminder to myself how far I’ve come and that despite certain self doubts I am on the right track. There’s always room for improvement but improvement does not have to be a negative and intimidating thing. It’s life, and this ain’t called a ‘lifestyle blog’ for nothin’!

Love & Loathing LA is an ever evolving source of creativity and will always remain our place for all things food, fashion, and fun in Los Angeles. As my knowledge, skill, and eye continue to progress the quality in content follows in suit. Love & Loathing LA, as I’ve always dreamed it would, will be moving in to what is current, relevant, and trending in the city and beyond. From what’s trending in the restaurant/bar scene, to hot events, to local fashion/beauty trends, workout/diet trends, even to home/decor/entertaining trends – you’ll get a taste of just about everything that inspires this creative metropolis we call the City of Angels.

Bringing you the most visually appealing imagery coupled with relevant worthwhile content is the name of my game for 2016, and even though I’m a bit nervous I’m more excited and inspired than I’ve felt in quite some time. The lightbulb is on, the camera is ready, the pen is on the friggin’ paper people! I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for all of us.


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