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Week No. 22 | LA Zoo Lights


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Holiday light shows usually go one of two ways: they can either be totally awesome (albeit cheesy) or totally anticlimactic. Knowing that the LA Zoo was home to such a spectacular and being a lover of all things Christmas I figured what the heck. I would either have an amazing time making fun of myself for buying tickets to the most ridiculous thing ever or I’d have an amazing time feeling all fuzzy and festive – win win? I naturally purchased tickets for the one night it decided to rain all night, but I was actually pleased to find it made the experience all the more “magical”. Eye roll. I was also pleased to find that the lights around the zoo could not have been further from anticlimactic, they were in fact fantastical. Wondrous. Delightful.

When I read on the zoo’s website that it would take about 60 – 90 minutes to walk through the whole park I dubiously thought to myself, “mmhm, sure…”. But after a solid 75 minutes of perusing and meandering, I realized how much time had passed and could hardly believe it. There had actually been enough lights to keep us ADD LA people entertained for so long. Without cocktails not to mention? The inner conflict I was battling between being a skeptical non-santa-believer and yet wanting to feel all the childhood feels over Christmas was being heavily tested, but The LA Zoo Lights admittedly won me over.

I would not tell you to go see the lights for yourself if I didnt actually think it was worth it, but the honest to god truth is it was just good ol’ fashioned holiday fun. It’s impressive and genuinely unlike any other light show you’re likely to come across – this one at least comes complete with live reindeer. Now you’re definitely sold.

WhatLA Zoo Lights 

Where: 5333 Zoo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hours: RUNS NOVEMBER 27 – JANUARY 3 // Weekdays 6 – 10 pm // Weekends 6 – 10:30 pm

Tip: You don’t have to, but you can purchase your tickets ahead of time online, HERE! And weekdays are cheaper than weekends!

Bonus Tip: Find the water light show and watch it. It’s cute!

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