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HALLELUJAH. It’s a friggin’ miracle! I have found a food delivery service in Los Angeles that not only delivers food to my door on time, they deliver food that is actually still warm! Without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to Caviar: a local food delivery service that makes ordering your favorite items from your favorite restaurants around LA completely pain and stress free.








Being that I’m often found running around the city all day every day, some nights I come home and all I want is for food to magically appear in front of me – it’s a simple request really. I like to cook… sometimes… but clearly I much prefer leaving food up to the professionals. I’m more of a “you cook, I’ll just sit here and drink wine” kinda girl. Enter food delivery services like Caviar. Before I was introduced to Caviar specifically I had already tried two other services prior and both experiences left me incredibly disappointed. My food was an hour and a half to two hours late, from BOTH services, I had no idea where my food was at any given moment, the drivers/deliverers were bozos, and the worst part was: my food I’d paid a decent amount for was cold. So cold.

Despite my hesitations I wanted so badly for Caviar to change my jaded mind – a decent food delivery service could vastly improve my quality of life! After taking a minute to scroll through their restaurant partners (which you can do online or through their App!) and finding their interface to be far better than their competitors I decided to give Caviar a proper chance. And so, much to my surprise and delight, the entire experience from choosing a restaurant, to placing an order, to being updated on the process, to final delivery was incredibly simple and seamless.

I’m already planning my next Caviar meals for this weekend I’m so in love, but when it came to my first order I decided to try the pizzas from Delicious Pizza, a “hip-hop pizza shop” I’d been meaning to try for a while. I absolutely LOVED receiving phone updates by Caviar on when Delicious Pizza had received the order, when it was ready, and exactly what time it would be delivered. Caviar said it’d be at my place in 40 – 60 minutes, the pizza was at my doorstep in 43. Might I add, Delicious Pizza is as exactly as they say: delicious. I recommend the Slaughtahouse pizza and the Pesto! And the bonus hip-hop CD mix? Obsessed.

Next time you’re at home or at the office without a thing to eat and no interest in going out to find something, try Caviar. You can even PRE order. With delivery service fees starting at $1.99 to bring you dishes from Canters, Hamasaku, Sotto, Wexlers, and SO many more, why the hell not?

CLICK HERE TO CHECK CAVIAR OUT ONLINE! OR download the App (Caviar) directly to your phone!


This post has been sponsored by Caviar, all opinions are real and truly my own. 

Thank you Caviar for allowing me to create wonderful and relevant content to our Los Angeles community and thank YOU for checking out and supporting awesome local brands like Caviar!

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