Week No. 15 | The Arrangement Bar at Rolling Greens

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Week No. 15 | The Arrangement Bar at Rolling Greens


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photo cred: Rolling Greens





photo cred: Rolling Greens
photo cred: Rolling Greens


I am the first to admit I do not bear the gift of having a green thumb, and on top of that I most certainly do not bear an inherent knack for ‘DIY’ projects. I’m more of a ‘DDIY’ (don’t do it yourself) kind of a girl, a term I totally identify with and one that was fondly coined by my garden/design idol Victoria of SF Girl By Bay. Victoria was actually kind enough to host a wonderful event at Rolling Greens nursery on Beverly a few weeks ago that was a “one size fits all”/ “all levels welcome” sorta thing, if you will, where I got to be one of the first to experience Rolling Greens’s brand new Arrangement Bar. The Arrangement Bar is a space in the nursery where you can go to create your very own arrangement masterpiece – be it with orchids, succulents, terrariums, or faux plants and flowers.

At the event I attended hosted by Victoria and the wonderful Rolling Greens team, I was given the opportunity to create a ‘desert terrarium’ with a couple of different types of succulents. From “repotting”, soil smooshing, sand pouring to beautifying, I personally handled and crafted that desert-y terrarium from top to bottom. I’m a perfectionist with an A-type personality who doesn’t exactly love getting her hands dirty, but even I had a complete and total blast experimenting with my new found green thumb and hidden DIY capabilities. The great thing about the Arrangement Bar is that you’re not just given some plants, a pot and some dirt and then left your your own devices. Someone is there to guide you along in the process to help you create something you’ll appreciate and be proud of. In other words, it’s practically fail proof.

The Arrangement Bar is perfect activity to dive into if you’re looking for something totally different and perhaps a little crafty to do. It happens to come in extra handy when you’re in need of a great gift idea (birthday or wedding gift anyone?). Wether you’re a DIY or a DDIY person, the Arrangement Bar is a blast and you’ll feel awesome walking away with something beautiful you were able to craft in a relatively short amount of time. Pull up a seat at the Arrangement Bar and prepare to be amazed with your new found succulent skills.


WhatThe Arrangement Bar at Rolling Greens Nursery

Where: 7505 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90036

When: Store Hours: Monday – Saturday | 10am – 6pm + Sunday | 11am – 6pm

Tip(s): If you think you might be interested in an Arrangement Bar DIY workshop similar to the one I attended you’re in luck! Rolling Greens offers regular workshops that anyone can attend (for a fee of course), here’s a list of a few coming up:

September 26 | Desert Terrariums Workshop – $60

October 24 | Succulent Pumpkin Workshop – $65

December 5 | Geometric Wreaths Workshop – $125

December 19 | Snow Globe Workshop – $65

Email events@rg-ca.com to sign up! Space. Is. Limited.

Bonus Tip: If you’d like to host your own workshop with friends, colleagues, family, etc., Rolling Greens has you covered. The succulent arrangements and terrarium workshops are the most popular but you have the option on floral bouquet, herb garden, hanging terrariums, jewelry making, and orchid workshops as well! Email events@rg-ca.com for more information.

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