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Overview | Austin Texas’s infamous and beloved burger joint Hopdoddy has finally landed in Los Angeles!!! I had the pleasure of dining at Hopdoddy last month when I was in Austin Texas eating and drinking my way through the city and it was music to my ears to learn LA would be the next fortunate city to have Hopdoddy call home. With over 13 burger options available, locally sourced brews, french fries galore and milkshakes so good they’ll make you cry, words cannot even begin to express my excitement over the recent Hopdoddy opening in El Segundo at The Point.

In Austin the line to grab a Hopdoddy burger is long and constant, but it’s something we do because these burgers really are that good. They grind the (CA grass-fed) beef fresh daily, any other meat offered is organic and all natural, their incredible buns are baked fresh daily (TWICE!), their beers are “locals only” – you basically don’t get more fresh than this, and trust me you can taste the difference.

The Point is a freshly built shopping and eatery development you’d never expect to be in El Segundo but alas it is, and it’s an awesome location for Hopdoddy at that. Even on day two of being open there was a bit of a wait at lunch so Los Angeles is catching on quick! Get in there ASAP, TREAT YO’ SELF, and thank me and Austin later!


Favorite Drink | Much like their Austin counterparts, Hopdoddy LA prides themselves on offering a variety of locally crafted artisanal beers, I myself tried the Absolution Purgatory Hefe and loved it. There are few things better than a burger and a cold beer that comes in a glass chalice.

Must Order |  Truth be told you can’t really go wrong with any of the burgers, but if you’re feeling adventurous I’d suggest trying the Buffalo Bill burger (Bison, Blue Cheese, Frank’s Hot Sauce, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Sassy Sauce) or the K-Town Belly burger (Grass-Fed CA beef, Braised Pork Belly, Kimchi, House Made Gochujang, Korean Rice Crispies, Mayo, Basil Leaves) which is only available in LA! [both burgers pictured above] Besides that though do not sell yourself short and pass up on their truffle fries and a shake. At Hopdoddy, you must “go for it”.

Perfect Spot For | The freshest most organic burgers ever // a casual lunch or dinner // a cheat meal // a place to take the family

Pro Tip | If you like salted caramel ice cream but you also love Oreo… get the salted caramel shake with Oreo blended it – forget decision making, you can have it all!

Fun Fact | There will soon be TWO Hopdoddy’s in LA – the second location will be opening sometime next month in Playa Vista at The Runway!


Hopdoddy | 830 S Sepulveda Ave #116, El Segundo, CA |  (310) 414-2337 | Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm |  Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm

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