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Week No. 5 | Randy’s Donuts


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If there were a quintessential donut in LA we Angelenos are proud to have as a part of our history, it would be one from Randy’s Donuts. That big ol’ silly donut structure sitting atop that little shop is one of LA’s most iconic institutions and in the 60+ years of it’s existence Randy’s has become of the most legendary, widely recognized, and dearly beloved city landmarks. Randy’s has been featured in everything from music videos, to TV shows, to famous photos and has been serving celebrities, tourists, and Angelenos alike 24 hours a day everyday since 1953.

To me, a donut from Randy’s is another one of those imperative ‘LA rites of passage’; I felt like I could hardly call myself a true Angeleno without even ever visited so as a part of this journey through Los Angeles that I’m on, so a trip to Randy’s seemed quite crucial. I’m an equal donut opportunist and you’ll rarely find me turning one down, so fortunately this was one adventure that would fit perfectly in line with genuine love and respect for discovering (and devouring) the sweeter things in life.

Upon my recent arrival at Randy’s not only was there a solid line of people, there was a reality show being filmed there at the same time. (Of course there was.) When I finally made it to the window, I ordered a solid dozen of different Randy treats including cake donuts, glazed donuts, french crullers, twists, chocolate long johns, and a large coffee all for $11.45. I had a donut tasting party for two and as with most donuts there wasn’t one that stood out more than another – favorites just depend on personal preference. I’m a simple glazed girl through and through and Randy’s hit the spot. This part of LA’s history might be a little caloric and it might give you one hell of a sugar rush, but it was worth every bite.

What: Randy’s Donuts

Where: 805 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90301

When: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Tip: If you don’t feel like getting out of the car, go through the drive thru.

Bonus Tip: That buttermilk donut is no joke.

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