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Love & Loathing LA + Soul Cycle



Come ride with me FOR FREE this Sunday – February 22nd – at 11:45 at Soul Cycle in Beverly Hills!


The first 25 people to RSVP to me – (and I mean really RSVP, not that wink-wink “RSVP” thing us LA people do when we say we’ll be there and then we don’t show) get to party on a bike completely free of charge – there may also be some Pressed Juice + other goodies in it for ya, just sayin’! I don’t know about you but to me there’s no better feeling than getting an awesome workout in before an afternoon dedicated to mimosas and brunch food – talk about Sunday Funday?


Not needed: shoes (cycling cleats), water, coordination, Olympic level athleticism 

Needed: party pants, a positive outlook on life, a smile 


Note: There is tons of free parking in Beverly Hills – so now you’re definitely coming. 

242 N Beverly Dr (between Wilshire Blvd + Dayton Way) – 2 hours free

216 S Beverly Dr (between Gregory Way + Charleville Blvd) – 2 hours free

345 N Beverly Dr (between Dayton Way + Brighton Way) – 2 hours free

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