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Love & Loathing LA + Cult Collection


KEEP meets Polyvore meets Pinterest meets Cher’s outfit-making program from Clueless, fashion addict app Cult Collection is all of those AND a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. The super fun, super easy to use app works solely based on your unique style and taste you establish via selection of a few of your favorite celebrity fashion icons, some of the name brands you shop, popular hashtags, current trends and so forth to build your very own, very tidy, supreme closet for a master fashionista.

Once you start on your style adventure you add pieces to your “closet” where they are held for safe keeping and stored for potential future purchasing – yes, you can purchase those pieces right through the app! Perhaps a little dangerous, but there’s some fun to be had when you live on the edge – it’s comforting to know that if you find something you love you have the option of actually getting it instead of just saying you like it then going on a wild google goose chase to track it down. My favorite part about the app is how fun and easy it is to create head-to-toe outfits as well; you can build and virtually “try on” a complete outfit from the couch, or in bed, as I’d prefer. In all it’s as simple as searching looks, saving your own looks, changing ’em up from time to time, and of course sharing your style creations!


Love & Loathing LA + Cult Collection


I now spend a good chunk of my daily allotted personal Pinterest time filling up my Cult Collection closet with my favorite #LAlove, LA street style looks. This week I’m getting in the spirit of award season and will be creating some ultra glamorous show-stopping red carpet looks – inspo for my own Oscars ensemble of course. […Kidding I’m not going to the Oscars. This year….] Go get started and begin making a few of your own – LA ladies be sure to tag #LAlove and award season glam girls show me you #grammys #redcarpet looks! Now would be the most opportune moment to register yourself because Cult Collection is currently hosting an awesome $200 Nordstrom gift card giveaway, and who doesn’t want in on that? They’ve made it so easy to enter too, all you have to do is:

Download the app HERE and register yourself

Create a fun “LA style” look and tag #lalove+ #giveaway in the description

And thats it! The Winner will be announced February 14.

Note: only 1 look will count per entry. 


Love & Loathing LA + Cult Collection

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