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Love & Loathing LA | Highlights of 2014



I’ll do my best not to make this sound like a diary entry, but the end of the year always gets me feeling… sappy. And trust me, the older you get the worse it gets – tears, confusion, panic, excitement, the whole bit, all at once. 2014 has certainly been a year of hard work, dedication, self discovery, and of course exploration of a city I never thought I could dive so deep into (yet all the while feel as though I’ve barley grazed the surface). Love & Loathing LA has brought me more joy than I could have even imagined, it’s been a learning process and an incredibly humbling experience running this insane one-woman-show, but none the less an enjoyable and extremely rewarding one all the same.

Reflecting on the year as a whole, the first full year of this blogs life, I remember the successes and the truly blissful, completely unadulterated happy moments. Though most successes were small to scale (I’m not quuiiiiitteeee Blonde Salad level or even Thrillist LA for cryin’ out loud), they’re what have kept me positive, they’re what have kept me appreciative, they’re what have kept me going despite setbacks and disappointments – such as my plethora of unsaved articles I never got to post because I can’t seem to grasp the concept of writing things in Word first rather than in my WordPress backend. Like I’m doing right now.

I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful people who have helped me in some form or another this year, for all of my family and friends who have shown genuine belief and interest in my passion project, and I am of course especially grateful for each and every reader. Whether I know you on a personal level or not I write this stuff for us – for our friends, for our parents, for our lovers, and even for our haters. Us. LA has always amazed me in that way, I’ve always felt that so long as I was writing about our city, we could (obviously) all relate – even the curious travelers. Relatively speaking we’ve all got the same interests, the same dreams, the same sense of humor, and though it may not be obvious at face value, we’re the biggest little community there is. And a wonderful, creative, supportive, and a god damn fun/weird/entertaining community we are at that! Thank you for your support, it’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!

Now, for a look back on some of my favorite Love & Loathing LA moments of 2014!



Churro Borough Ice Cream Sandwich

Quite possibly my favorite, most influential foodie post of the year – “5 Over Achiever Churros in LA You Need to Have ASAP” – read the article HERE




That one time I sat down with my absolute favorite designers of all time – Caroline Calvin & Joie Rucker of the brand Calvin Rucker – to chat about how awesome LA is and such. My inner fan girl went out of her mind. Read the interview HERE



Blue Star Donuts Social Media Explained

My first trip to PORTLANDIA!!! Where I ate and drank and ate and drank some more. This was probably my favorite of my “BRB LA” series this year, partially because I felt like almost all Angelenos would have a blast visiting a place like this, but mostly because I got to be shamlessly glutenous on account of good reporting. Read “BRB LA | 10 Musts For Angelenos Visiting Portland” HERE // Read “BRB LA | Portland Photo Diary” HERE



LA In the RainIt finally actually rained in LA this year, like for a whole day, so I wrote about what it’s like to experience via the Angeleno perspective. It was so much fun for me to write that it ended up being one of my favorite pieces I posted this year. Read the article and tell me I’m wrong HERE




Favorite relaxing weekend getaway of the year: The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. The most gorgeous resort is practically in our backyard, and the best massage, some beautiful shrubbery, and some of the most delicious food is just 60-90 minutes away! Read my “5 Reasons The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway” HERE!



Love & Loathing LA: Style de Vie

Sometimes I get to do REALLY fun stuff, and styling a room at one of my favorite vintage design studios – Style De Vie – was up there on my “cool shit I’ve done” list this year. Read the article and check out my mad design skillz HERE!


This here was my first official magazine feature, where I was selected to be one of Nylon Español’s “It Girl’s” in their October issue! I still can’t believe this actually happened, I have to pinch myself every time I see this article. Next year who knows, maybe I’ll be gracing the pages of Vogue! – a girl with an overwhelming appetite can dream.



And then of course there was this. The best part of my entire year was the celebration of the blogs one year anniversary and re-design of the site, so we launched it all with an epic video. This was my baby this year and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. If you want to read my (also very sappy) ‘one year anniversary’ post where this was first originally shared, read it HERE!


See you in 2015 my friends,



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