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Caroline_Bite Beauty

Caroline_Bite Beauty

Caroline_Bite Beauty

Caroline_Bite Beauty

Photos By: Tommy Garcia Photographer

Remember how I went to NYC a few weeks ago… remember how I couldn’t shut up about finding the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and making my own custom lipsticks… well I’ve been mulling over my experience that day and decided I should properly share a thing or two about my absolute favorite new beauty line: Bite Beauty. Los Angeles… we got dealt the short straw when Bite was deciding where to establish their lip lab; sadly they picked our East Coast counterparts New York, but hey, let’s have hope shall we? Until that Bite Lip Lab opening day in LA comes, we’ve thankfully got some options for getting our hands, or dare I say… lips… on some Bite goods.

I first discovered Bite at Sephora just a few months ago when I picked up one of their “Best Bite” sets – admittedly I was drawn to the Altoid tin shaped box with 4 great colors inside for the unbelievable price of $25. It was after several compliments on the red shade (Cranberry) and the rose-berry shade (Quince) that I decided I was developing an obsession which has since evolved into purchasing several more necessities. The real kicker with Bite is, fortunately but unfortunately for me, they don’t make a lipstick, crayon, pencil, tint, lacquer, or gloss that I don’t love. And since this is a company that’s sole focus is on beautifying our lips, they’re gorgeous collection of colors and pigments don’t make decision making any easier. There’s of course an easy fix to this predicament: buy em all.

The absolute best part about my new found Bite Beauty relationship is the fact that I had the pleasure of creating my very own custom lip color, yes featured above, that I have decided to name UB40. Or Silent Film. Or Pleasantly Plum. Or Caroline. …apparently we need to take a vote. My favorite accessory and my signature (or so I’d like to think) is lipstick; I rarely walk out of the house without some shade of red on. Forget the jewelry (well, sometimes), forget the hair and makeup (again, sometimes) – just give me the lipstick and I’m happy. I went into the Bite Lip Lab that day with the goal of finding a deep burgundy, dark red wine color and it was then and there at the Lip Lab that I’d fallen in love with Bite’s Bordeaux Lip Cream. But of course as it usually goes with perfect colors, that shade was totally sold out. THAT’S when I was informed by one of the Lip Lab ladies that I could just simply create my own ‘Bordeaux inspired’ lipstick? Which in other words was like telling me I could have my ice cream cake and have it too, so that next morning I came in as soon as the doors opened and started creating my custom color with the Lip Lab technician and just 20 minutes later I walked out the happiest of happy clams with the perfect plum/blue red/ burgundy winter wear lipstick.

Things to take away from this little diddy today:

– If you’re a lipstick lover like myself and happen to be in New York, make it a point to go over to the Lip Lab and make a custom lipstick; it’s an experience you’ll never forget and one you may never get to have again. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a lipstick lover, go do it.

– If you’d like to create this color, we used: Burgundy, Tannin, Brambly, Scarlet, & Blue 520

– If you’d like to visit the Lip Lab yourself head over to: 174 Prince Street New York, NY 10012 (GET THERE EARLY)

– If you’d like to help me choose a name, leave your vote in the comments:

a. UB40

b. Silent Film

c. Pleasantly Plum

d. Caroline

– And lastly… Bite Beauty is the best new lipstick line. Period. The End.

Happy (Beauty) Fashion Friday!!!

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