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Comme Ca Burger

Alright. I’ve been selfishly hiding something for quite some time now, and finally I feel it’s about time I gave up the goods: shared my secret, if you will. There’s a perfect burger in Los Angeles that’s hard to compete with. She’s not in an In n Out, nor in a crowded hip LA “burger joint”, she’s  actually in a little French bistro on Melrose called Comme Ca. “A French bistro you say?!”…yes, a most gorgeous, quaint, and incredibly *fucking adorable* French bistro/brassiere. This burger is one of those burgers you consciously eat slowly to savor each bite… you find yourself repeating phrases of shock and excitement like “oh my God…” and “holy shit…” like you’re having a “Sally moment” (refer to diner scene in When Harry Met Sally)… it’s the burger where you shamelessly finish the whole damn thing without giving the burger juices on your face and blouse a second thought. There’s a reason Comme Ca offers only this singular burger… and that is because why offer more options when you have created “the perfect burger”?

Ok ok, so obviously they have PLENTY of other incredibly fantastic items on the menu to tantalize your taste buds with; their cheese plate, assorted charcuterie plate, the braised short rib, their FRENCH FRIES, and practically their entire brunch menu (of which I’ve had most of) are not to go un-noted. Comme Ca’s mastermind behind the cuisine, David Myers, is quite a genius in the kitchen. I mean, the man worked at a three Michelin-starred restaurant in France, hello, for years… talk about a perfectly acceptable resume… and thankfully for us Angelenos he’s been gracing us with his exemplary “brassiere/bistro” dishes at Comme Ca since 2007. Comme Ca in LA has in fact done so well that Myers was fortunate enough to continue expanding his empire to opening yet another Comme Ca inside the most fabulous hotel in Vegas, The Cosmopolitan. He has recently opened two Pizza Ortica locations in Southern California, and has also successfully launched not one, but two new restaurants in Tokyo as well.

**If you’re ever in Vegas, Comme Ca at The Cosmo is a must. Prepare for the most insane views of the strip below, an incredibly beautiful, not to mention incredibly well decorated space, and of course the highly regarded yet completely fairly priced Comme Ca menu.**

Clearly as a frequent guest I know a thing or two about what’s happening on the menu at Comme Ca; I must say everything is worth trying, but the fabulous and buzz worthy “Comme Ca Burger” is the sole reason you need to pay this West Hollywood favorite a visit; especially if you are an Angeleno on the hunt for the next best burger and you haven’t yet stopped in – you will surely thank me later and return again for more. I more than recommend that the non Angeleno’s add Comme Ca to their list of “LA restaurants to dine at” as well, simply because this Los Angeles Brassiere has made a very positive impression on the LA foodie community – diners are continually praising the fun, professional, modern, French culinary experience. Come for the burger, stay for the Comme Ca character, and *added bonus secret* don’t leave without trying the Tart Tatin.

Comme Ca "Board of the Beast"

Comme Ca Dinner table

Comme Ca Tart Tartin

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