NYE Party Dress 2013 = Sequins.

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No better way to sparkle and light up a room this New Years Eve than by making your entrance in a head to toe (or thigh) sequin dress. Talk about a STATEMENT anchor piece. I’m all about the velvet and lace trends, but letsbehonest, they’re realitvely safe in comparison to a full-blown disco ball getup, and there’s no better time and no better excuse to BE that disco ball than New Years Eve this year. I personally can’t do any damn shopping at all without feeling like a moth to a flame every time I see “Party Dresses” online or the shiniest flashy item hanging on a rack. I’m debating between quite a few (ideas below), so help me out here. Look, who knows when sequins will be cool again, lets just fuckin go with it and have a good ol’ fashioned blasty blast… maybe even take some pictures to look back on in shame in 10 years who knows, but in the meantime we’re all about the sequins!

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