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Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts


If there’s one thing I know about LA it’s that there are just as many workout studios as there are Starbucks. We’re quite the fortunate bunch to be in the thriving thicket of a health driven community where we can take part in just about every kind of workout imaginable. If you wake up and think, “today I’d like to do yoga with my dog”, or “maybe I’ll try pole dancing”, or “I want to feel like a Cirque du Soliel goddess”, the amazing thing is in Los Angeles literally all of your workout fantasies can be reality. Nothing gets you going and excited to workout like when you know you’re going to have a good time doing it. Classpass, for me, has been the most incredible way to discover not only new gyms but all types of new workouts. Whether it’s your basic types of studios or something you can’t believe actually exists, Classpass has it all for you to try and experience within the service.

If you’ve been feeling bored with your routine or curious to try something new, here’s 5 of my favorite workouts (all on Classpass!) I’ve tried recently that I absolutely loved. From fast paced 25 minute training all the way up to hour long ass-kickers, these workouts are guaranteed to jazz up your routine.


Y7. Where Hip Hop, Candlelight, and Yoga Collide.

Love and Loathing LA Y7


Have you ever thought to yourself, “wow, it’d be really fun to do a yoga class to some Lauren Hill and Nas.”? Well even if you haven’t, guess what – it’s a thing. There’s a bit of a yoga trend descending on Los Angeles, and one things for sure it’s not the kinda yoga your momma and Buddhist monks are accustomed to. This is some real 2016 shit people, where loud music, sweat, and windowless candlelit rooms entice the 20, 30-something ‘workout adventurous’ kind. If you’re looking for the next big fitness obsession in LA, allow me then to introduce you to Y7.



Love & Loathing LA + Soul Cycle



Come ride with me FOR FREE this Sunday – February 22nd – at 11:45 at Soul Cycle in Beverly Hills!


The first 25 people to RSVP to me – (and I mean really RSVP, not that wink-wink “RSVP” thing us LA people do when we say we’ll be there and then we don’t show) get to party on a bike completely free of charge – there may also be some Pressed Juice + other goodies in it for ya, just sayin’! I don’t know about you but to me there’s no better feeling than getting an awesome workout in before an afternoon dedicated to mimosas and brunch food – talk about Sunday Funday?


Not needed: shoes (cycling cleats), water, coordination, Olympic level athleticism 

Needed: party pants, a positive outlook on life, a smile 


Note: There is tons of free parking in Beverly Hills – so now you’re definitely coming. 

242 N Beverly Dr (between Wilshire Blvd + Dayton Way) – 2 hours free

216 S Beverly Dr (between Gregory Way + Charleville Blvd) – 2 hours free

345 N Beverly Dr (between Dayton Way + Brighton Way) – 2 hours free

Exercise Picks For Our October Gym Routine | Featuring Peach Pop Fashion

I have always been and will probably always be a girl who prefers the gym over other fitness activities. It could be because I’m a lone wolf, it could be because I am now an Equinox member (life changing I tell you), it could be because it’s just what gives me the quickest results, I don’t know, but weight training at Equinox has been my best friend – I’ve managed to eat and drink myself silly living in LA and stay fit because of it. We’re plugging right along with this whole fashion and fitness theme today so following our article from this morning and in continuation of our “work hard eat hard” / “How to Burn the Burger” series, I present to you, a few of my favorite exercises this month that you can add to your own October gym routine.


MONDAY: Quads & Inner Thighs


Featured Exercise: Weighted Front Lunge

Love & Loathing LA x Peach Pop Fashion Fitwear


Your 5 Day, Weekly Gym Workout for September

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot 1 Nike Shirt, Shoes & Pants

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to the latest and greatest section of Love & Loathing Los Angeles I will from here on out, fondly refer to as “Burning Off the Burger.” I get a lot of questions from viewers and friends, but the one I seem to get the most frequently is something along the lines of “how do you eat all that fried food, dessert, and burgers all the time and stay thin.” Well ask and you shall receive friends, because I’m sorry to report it takes a lot of hard work. I am the poster child to “eat hard, work hard” and I’m happy to share with yous readers my monthly gym routines.

The plan: 5 day workout, roughly 1 hour to 1.5 hours at a time, each day is broken down by muscle group, it switches up every month to keep your interests peaked, and if you’ve got a gym membership and were looking for a routine… I’ve got your back. For the sake of not boring you to death or feeling overwhelmed by the routine if there’s an exercise you’re unsure of, simply google it. I’m an avid Muscle & Fitness Hers reader and when I came across something I didn’t understand like “back-left-leg-right-arm-tilted-shift-lunge-plank-squat” (that’s not a real thing don’t panic), I googled it and usually found a picture or a video that explained it. So there’s that, AND if you’re unsure about form that will usually be incorporated too.



The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Workout | Circuit Works, Brentwood & Venice


You’ve always heard things along the lines of “circuit training is the best kind of workout”, “intervals will change your body”, that kind of thing right? Circuit training and intervals can be a great addition to your workout but let’s be honest, if we’re headed to the gym and left to our own devices (and struggles with being relatively lazy) we’re not going to be adding those much-needed cardio blasts. With no proper timing on equipment and no proper coach pushing you to hustle your ass, it’s likely circuit training just ain’t gonna happen. There’s a studio in LA completely dedicated to you maximum calorie burning needs, a studio that has perfected and patented THE perfect circuit training workout where newbies, fit regulars, and celebrities alike go to get their perfectly sculpted buns kicked… and that studio is Circuit Works in Brentwood and Venice.

When I first moved to LA I was feeling the pressure and struggle to find “my workout”, my gym, or my studio, as most of us transplants can understand in LA you feel like you have this overwhelming desire to keep up with the locals and look good. I was bored with my yoga classes and decided instead of continuing on the path of unexcitingness or signing up for a gym membership, why not try a cool “only in LA” kinda workout class? I’d passed Circuit Works in Brentwood regularly on my morning walks to Coral Tree Cafe or Starbucks and always admired the classes fast paced nature and the ability of its attendees to move so damn quickly and gracefully while being barked at relentlessly (all inspirational barks of course) by a very enthusiastic and upbeat instructor. Admittedly I was a little frightened of the whole thing, I seriously doubted my abilities to keep up, act coordinated, and take direction properly, but instead of letting my fear and worries take over I decided to suck it up and try it out. There was one thing I knew before my first class and that was that I was going to get one seriously good workout. One worthy of walking right over to Coral Tree right after to get a big ol well deserved waffle and chai tea latte.


So here’s the run down on the Circuit Works workout, as semi explained before, the core of the philosophy is to combine a few aerobic exercises (cardio) with a balanced amount of anaerobic exercises (fast paced resistance).  You enter the class to find 10 resistance training stations – they are always changing and could vary from activities involving free weights, resistance tubing, weight equipment, bosu balls, and more. You will also find a row of treadmills behind a row of stationary bikes – there’s a lot goin on in this little space but don’t worry you’ll have plenty of room to do work without smacking or kicking your classmates. The classes are always packed so I’d recommend signing up ahead of time, and because they’re usually busy the class is always split into two groups to smoothly run through the routine. The routine is tricky to get a grasp on to at first if you are a beginner, but I assure you, you catch on quicker than you think. There’s 10 stations, that we’ve got down, but between each station you get some cardio in on a bike or a treadmill; you’re moving and switching just about every minute between lifting, squatting, jumping to biking or running your butt off. The good news is there is an instructor there to regulate and cheer you on; and if you take owner Raphael’s class prepare for plenty of “commercial breaks”. You will hate him but love him for these one minute maximum intensity exercises. I can hear him now shouting “SWITCH! SWITCH! SWITCH! SWITCH!” when he makes the class do switch jump lunges.

It’s a tough one to explain, this Circuit Works workout, it’s one you’ll have to go try for yourself to get a full understanding of its incredibleness and effectiveness. They proudly say “you will burn more calories in a Circuit Work session than any other fitness program today” and I have to say that’s probably true. The great thing about getting an hour-long fast paced circuit workout with Circuit Works is, as tough and daunting as the workout seems, it’s all over before you know it – then you get to wake up and do it again the next day and see results a whole lot quicker than you thought was possible. It’s a perfect, well-rounded, fun, and entertaining workout, if you’re on the Westside go check it out! If you are curious and want even further explanation visit the Circuit Works website where Raphael has a few videos to offer for your viewing pleasure.


Kinetic Cycling, Brentwood | Where “Indoor Cycling” Is Actually Fun


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a “cycling class”… fun?… torture?… your favorite cardio workout?… maybe all of the above? If you’ve ever taken a cycling class you know how rough they are, shit even if you haven’t you probably have a pretty good idea! So, what I’ve gathered from my cycling experience thus far is cycling is just one of those things we love/hate doing. I’ve taken a few cycle classes at various studios around LA and elsewhere and I’ve decided if you’re gonna get me to “climb” any hill or “run” my ass off, on a bike, it better be in an upbeat entertaining environment, with an upbeat and entertaining instructor, or fuhgetaboutit.

So that doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard to find right? True enough, but there’s one studio who really stands out to me, one that I always choose over the others, and that my friends is Kinetic Cycling in Brentwood. Kinetic was where I actually took my very first cycling class, I, like many people I’m sure, was very intimidated by this cycling thing. I’ve never been a fan of cardio, let alone cardio for a very long, extended period of time, but I was drawn to the idea of being able to burn a crap ton of calories in 45-50 minutes.

Walking in to Kinetic on my first visit was entirely surprising; I was mesmerized by the changing colored lights in the studio, the rows upon rows of pristine bikes, the two big screens playing music videos, and of course the surprisingly loud and surprisingly hip EDM music carrying on as people shuffled (no seriously you walk like an idiot in cleats) in to the studio.

I was fortunate enough to have Rene as my instructor during my first class, he not only helped me figure out how to “ride” that bike properly, but he calmed all my nerves by assuring me it was not possible to make an ass out of myself on my first day and that the class wouldn’t be as grueling as I was anticipating. He strapped my tennis shoes in and off I went on a cool, sweaty hot mess of a ride. I fell in love with cycling, indoors, that day. Yes it was rough, but Rene’s class was just plain fun. He chose music I was familiar with and music I was not familiar with, but now cannot cycle without (yes, Electronic, Dub Step, ecstasy music). The best part of that class, and any of Rene’s classes, is his general attitude towards cycling; it’s way to positive for my black heart but his upbeat happy outlook on life totally rubs off on you, there’s no fighting having a good time in his class.

For me personally, I keep coming back to Kinetic because I love supporting this studio. They work really hard to keep up and stay ahead of strong competitors like Soul Cycle, but really their classes are very similar (if not identical) to any of the top notch/hot indoor cycling studios. Truthfully though, Kinetic is more affordable and definitely more worth the price. Don’t get me wrong Soul Cycle and those other studios rule?! But, for people on a tighter budget I’d say check out Kinetic, you’ll get the same quality of classes, same quality in instructors, and same quality in equipment. Another big reason I keep coming back is because I love the staff; the studio is small and privately owned so everyone there really make a point to get to know every single person who comes in for a class. Jessica, John, and Spase are seriously incredible instructors, but Rene will always be my main squeeze, he taught me how to ride a bike and how smile while climbing up a hill at gear 17 (crazy mother f*cker) for cryin’ out loud. If you’re looking for a new cardio class where physical pain is seriously uplifting and fun, take the time to check out Kintetic.

Activewear To Get You ACTIVE.

Regardless of your choice in activity, workout clothes don’t have to be shameful, out dated, or better yet bleh.  News flash you don’t have to be a yogi to wear the cute/hip active digs! I personally identify myself these days as more of a gym rat which (in my humble opinion) kind of gives me the permission to wear what ever the f*ck I want. If I wanna wear running clothes I’ll wear running clothes, if I wanna wear my old shirt I slept in the night before I’ll wear that, if I wanna wear yoga pants I’ll wear my yoga pants, you get it. But there’s one thing about activewear and working out that is undeniable – If you’ve got cute workout clothes you’re more inclined to go workout, it’s as simple as that. Here are some items and outfits to help you feel good and look good in your workout clothes. Heck, with stuff like this you can keep that active outfit on all day – get cho fabulous and fit on gurl!

Clockwise: Lululemon water bottle, Gaiam Marrakesh Yoga Mat, Nike Bra, Lululemon Gym Bag, Nike Pants, Nike Shoes, Ruby_LA Namaste Tank, Lorna Jane Bra

Clockwise: Lululemon water bottle, Gaiam Marrakesh Yoga Mat, Nike Bra, Lululemon Gym Bag, Nike Pants, Nike Shoes, Ruby_LA Namaste Tank, Lorna Jane Bra

Necessary items for your new workout wardrobe: bright shoes, loud and proud patterned pants, a clever tank top, and of course a fabulous Love & Loathing LA tote to put your stuff in! (see what I did there)

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot 4 Nike Shirt, Shoes & Pants

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot 3 Nike Shirt, Shoes & Pants

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot 1 Nike Shirt, Shoes & Pants

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot 2 Nike Shirt, Shoes & Pants

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Champion for Target Shirt and Nike Pants/Shoes, L&L Tote 4

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Champion for Target Shirt and Nike Pants/Shoes 2

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Champion for Target Shirt and Nike Pants/Shoes 1

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Champion for Target Shirt and Nike Pants/Shoes 3

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Under Armor Shirt, Nike Pants/Shoes 4

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Under Armor Shirt, Nike Pants/Shoes 2

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Under Armor Shirt, Nike Pants/Shoes 2

L&L LA Gym Sesh Shoot Under Armor Shirt, Nike Pants/Shoes, L&L LA Tote 3

Photos by Tommy Garcia Photography // Photos Taken at Equinox (tha best gym ever.)

Happy Fashion Friday!!!

The Ultimate Full Body Workout | Brick, Brentwood & West Hollywood

Brick SpeedX Promo

Have you ever been to a class/encountered a workout that made you feel so good you couldn’t wait to go back but at the same time terrified you because you know what kind of ass-beating you were in for? This is my sentiment for Brick Speedx in Brentwood, the gym that serves up the best kind of hurt… the workout that hurts so good. I’ve been to a lot of workout classes/studios/gyms in Los Angeles, I’m talkin spin classes, Pilates classes, barre classes, yoga classes, ohh you name it. In other words there are very few workouts in this town I haven’t tried, but in all my workout days I have not yet been as challenged and interested in a workout as I have been with Brick. “Why?” you ask? Well let me tell you.


1. SpeedX is a whole new breed of Crossfit.

This Crossfit workout is all about endurance, the workout combines strength and conditioning training with a heavy dose of cardio training. To put it simply, where most Crossfit classes focus heavily on Olympic lift training, Speedx puts a whole lot more efforts in producing a well blanced full body workout based off of classic Crossfit methodology mixed with the theory in Tabata (what the fuck is Tabata? – find out here) that anyone in any kind of shape can participate in.

2. Chicks, normal ass chicks who want a good workout, are welcome at Brick. 

I don’t know about you but the thought of Crossfit always kind of freaked me out. I was definitely interesting in putting on muscle and “getting shredded”, sure, but the thought of being surrounded by a whole lot of competition and testosterone frankly scared the shit out of me. I finally talked myself into trying a Crossfit class at Brick and I was so pleasantly surprised to find I could keep up (well, kind of), and there was absolutely zero issue with feeling less than or inferior to the other class participants. Girls, this is the ultimate ass-kicking Crossfit inspired workout for us, where we CAN “get shredded” without injecting a heavy dose of fear and anger into our workout regimen.

3. Everyday the class consists of a new and different workout.

The trainers at Brick are fan-fucking-tastic, they’ve all been training for years and know a thing or two about getting in shape. They create a workout for the day that will incorporate completely different exercises than from the day before, or the day before that and so on. Each workout incorporates a warm up (usually a run around the block kinda thing), a main focus workout (usually 4-6 stations with different workouts that you rotate in and out of) and then some sort of tricky “ha-ha you thought you we’re done” end-of-the-class workout.

4. They have every kind of necessary piece of equipment to kick your ass.

Jump ropes, rowing machines, spinning bikes, medicine balls, TRX, weights, benches, kettle bells, bars, plates, floor ladders, ropes, obstacles, bands, you name it, you’re in trouble. As I’ve humbly discovered, you don’t need any weight to feel the SpeedX workout, it will hurt regardless.

5. “You can burn up to 1000 calories in one class.”

I roll my eyes every time I hear/read “you can burn up to 1000 calories in this ____ class”, most of the time I’m thinking “in your freakin dreams”, BUT. In the case of Brick, there’s a pretty good chance if you’re working hard, even being a female, that you can burn upwards of 800 calories in an hour. I can’t say enough how challenging this workout is, but as with anything you make the workout as challenging or as easy as you want, the choice is up to you!

6. You’ll feel/see results quickly. 

Well duh, you’re working out harder than you’ve ever worked out in your life. Whether you plan on only going to Brick or you’re just adding it into your routine you can’t go wrong. There’s no such thing as “hitting a plateau” if you’re working out at Brick.

7. There’s a huge support system that comes with being a member/class participant at Brick.

Whether you find yourself always attending the same class together or you just met, everyone in the class is your cheerleader. It’s kind of cute really. The sense of team and team bonding is a real thing, complete with an inspirational coach and all. Brick seems to be so proud of their patrons. So proud they Instagram/Tweet/Facebook pictures of their classes/class members on a daily basis as if they were posting pictures of their kids! Their very fit, sweaty, exhausted, and satisfied kids.

Brick SpeedX Class Brentwood (photo via Speed X on Facebook)

Brick SpeedX Class Brentwood (photo via Speed X on Facebook)

Brick Crossfit Class West Hollywood (photo via @brickcrossfit on Twitter)

Brick Crossfit Class West Hollywood (photo via @brickcrossfit on Twitter)


Apologies for so many “ass’s” and other colorful words in this post but Brick gets me pumped, I freakin love this gym. There’s a little something for everyone at Brick, as I said no matter what kind of shape you’re in or what kind of fitness goals you have Brick offers one of the best workouts in Los Angeles. Even if you do want that more classic Crossfit workout, Brick Brentwood now offers SpeedX Pro classes that incorporate a little more (1 rep) max weight lifting with their fast paced SpeedX workout. Brick West Hollywood is a great option for more classic Crossfit classes as well, check out their info, rates, and class schedules here

Set any and all reservations and hesitations aside because there is nothing to feel intimidated about with Brick, this is coming from the girl who never played a sport in her life and has the coordination of a drunk giraffe on an ice rink. Try it, it’s always interesting, it’s always tough, but it’s always fun. And if you’re new and are interested in taking a class at Brick Brentwood, you’re first class is free! Check out more info, rates, and class schedules here


LA Local (Booty Kicking) Spotlight | Pop Physique


Los Angeles is the land of the fabulous, and with that honorary title comes more salons, vegan restaurants, and gyms than you can even imagine. As promised, we’re exploring all that is healthy in LA this month to ensure you and I are on top of our pledges to ourselves to get (and stay) healthy! They say 80% of being in shape/feeling good is what you eat. Eating in LA can be our worst best friend, but what we offer in droves of ice cream shops and other indulgences we seem to double in droves of juice shops and farmers markets. But lets be honest, that other 20% is JUST as important, and it can be the way more fun part of living a healthy life and doing some beneficial werk on your physique. Well, speaking of fun and physique this little diddy here is all about one of the best workouts Los Angeles has to offer… Pop Physique. Or as I fondly enjoy referring to it as, “Pop Physical Pain”. (You know, the kinda pain that hurts so good.)

Subdivisions. Palm Trees. Superblocks. Fashion. Traffic jams. Strip malls. Urban blight. Isolation. Raw Emotion. Dreams. Talent. Plastic Facades. Los Angeles was the only city that Pop Physique could be born in. As much as the world hates LA, the world wants to be LA. In the post modern, post capitalist American era Pop Physique began as more of an art project than business endeavor.

I’ve been a fan of bar/barre classes for years now, and Pop Physique is my most recent barre obsession. Between a statement like the above and ads featuring some seriously perfect female behinds peppered about Los Angeles, what already doesn’t sound positively amazing about this little company? About a year ago I decided to hold off on attending my go-to toning classes at Bar Method (a studio I’d been going to since I was 16) and try Pop Physique’s similar workout – I was mostly curious to see if there would be any difference, and well, whatever Pop Physique had going on seemed to stick with me. These days you can find me at the Westside location attempting to appear graceful and trying not to collapse during the leg portion of the workout (IT’S A KILLER.) There are many similarities between all the Bar/Barre classes out there, but let me share with you a few reasons why Pop Physique is unique:

1. Price. You won’t find another bar/barre studio in this town that offer these prices. Bar classes are expensive and finally we’re not breakin the bank for the upkeep on our booties! And right now they’ve got an amazing New Year (New Butt) special

Picture 21


2. They have the best marketing, and supply us with ads like this.

sculpting LA pop physique billboard


3. They don’t play boring sissy la-la music on low volume. THEY PLAY THEIR SH*T LOUD AND PROUD.


4. There are tweets/comments from the opposite sex that pronounce accolades along the lines of  “the most beautiful/fit women are always walking out of @popphysique …. thank you.” Talk about inspiration!



5. They have studios ALL OVER LOS ANGELES. I’m talkin’ Silverlake, Studio City, Hollywood, 3rd and Fairfax, Westside, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Long Beach (and more are coming!)



If you’re not already sold on trying Pop Physique based on all of the reasons above let me also remind you, you will benefit from being sore on a regular basis, you will burn calories, and best of all you will build long lean muscles and develop a nice little booty. Don’t be shy if you haven’t tried a barre class before, you’ll catch on quicker than you think and the fantastic, yes FANTASTIC, instructors are there to help! Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce so do work ladies, Pop Physique is good for you.