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The Angeleno Guide To Acing A Quick Trip to Chicago




So much to do, so little time. Story of our lives. Chicago is an incredible destination with so much to see and experience, but when you’re ‘just visiting’ it’s nearly impossible to nail down what seems most important to get done – especially when you’re short on time. I spent three glorious days in the Windy City last week and packed in as much fun (and most importantly: food) as possible and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, a plan of attack is kind of a good idea. I don’t want you to feel lost, confused, or disappointed, and while I can’t call myself a Chicago-pro quite yet, I’ve got friends who are and have directed me to some of the city’s best. (Ieena and Riya I’m looking at you!) Follow this here quick guide to the city and fear not one shred of disappointment during your travels! Angelenos and fellow Chicago-curious people… I gotchu covered.


10 Things To Do In Austin Texas That Angelenos Will Love







Ahhh Austin. Austin has always been known and thought of as a “cool”, “hip” city, but the pace at which this Texas town is surpassing even the most ultimate Silver Lake levels of hip is just incredible. I heard from several locals on my recent trip that there are 120-150 people moving to Austin DAILY, many of whom are filing in from our fine state of California. And frankly from recent experience, it kinda makes sense! Austin is in some ways the cool, less expensive, up and coming version of Los Angeles. Except a little more friendly and slightly warmer with a lot more country music stations.

I was actually born in Austin, as you may have read in my bio, but I have not been back to visit since I was probably around 10 years old. Austin always seemed like it would be more fun in my twenties anyway (at least that’s what I kept telling myself), and last week I finally made my way back to the Texas capital. We could talk all about how you should go see the bats fly out from under the Congress Bridge, or how you should walk around 6th Street, and have BBQ at Franklin…. but we’re better than that. It’s not to say you shouldn’t do any of those things but if you really want to see and experience the best things Austin has to offer, in my humble adventure seeking/Angeleno opinion, this is what you need to do:



LA Goes To NYC | Highlights + Photo Diary: Part 2

Never have I ever been happier to feel the sun and hang out in 85 degree weather more in my life than returning home from 10 degree weather in New York. Snow and chilly weather is awesome, for like a week, and by the end of the trip I’m always ready to come home to my sandals and sunglasses. LA was so sweet bringing the heat out in honor of my return this weekend, and what a sweet blessed reunion it was to be back in the city that I love – most of the time. In reflection of my recent trip to the Big Apple there were so many great highlights and so much fun for you Angelenos to be had in future visits of your own.

For example:



the classic “Dumont Burger”


If you plan on going to Brooklyn and you love burgers, head to Dumont Burger and get the Dumac + Cheese burger: as you may have guessed it, it’s a perfectly cooked grassfed burger topped with mac + cheese.


LA Goes To NYC | The Attire



LA Goes To NYC | Photo Diary: Part 1

I may be freezing, disappointed in my lack of proper cold weather apparel, and perhaps permanently hungover, but hey good news I’M ALIVE! I’ve been a little MIA the past few days because I’ve been too busy being the happiest person to see snow in the Big Apple. It was time for me to escape that god awful 72 degree weather in Los Angeles and switch it up a bit – get a little wild with my winter wear ya know? Feel new feelings and such. I personally love coming to New York in the winter, and I realize I may be alone on that one, but besides this being one of the most important weeks to be here (New York Fashion Week), it’s an experience this adventure seeking, “big city” obsessed Angeleno loves having every year. With each visit to New York City I make it a point to try new things, pay my respects to my personal “ol’ faithfuls” (my favorite hangouts), and do all the things, wear all the clothes, eat all the bagels, and drink all the mulled wines that I just simply can’t in Los Angeles. There’s a lot to love about this city and yes, even plenty to loath, but that big city magic sprinkled with what is now very dirty snow is undeniably charming and quite easy to appreciate. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days by way of photos:



view from the high line



Standard High Line Hotel



Vintage LA

Where do you find nostalgia in LA?

What is your favorite part about this city’s history?

What places, restaurants, buildings do you think are here to stand the test of time?

Share in the comments and lets get nostalgic people!



Chilly Manhattan Beach Day At Sunset

Manhattan Beach Sunset


The Cutest Map Of LA, Maybe Ever.

Swiss Cottage Map of Los Angeles


Yep, that about sums it up in the most frustratingly adorable way possible! I wouldn’t have been upset if they’d thrown in an In n Out or a taco truck, but, that might just be me and my one track mind.

Image/Illustration: Swiss Cottage Designs 

BRB LA | 10 Musts For Angelenos Visiting Portland


Fact: Portland is one of few destinations outside of France where your dog may accompany inside the local pub. Fact: Portland is home to more microbreweries than any other city in the world. Fact: Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in the US. Fact: by law, if you serve alcohol you must also serve food… so strip clubs have food, and it’s totally cool. Fact: the people of Portland are the smartest (actual fact), friendliest, happiest lot of people I’ve personally ever met. Opinion: Portland gives Los Angeles a run for their money in the dining department as a whole, but they might be one step ahead particularly in terms of their brunch game. Honestly… Portlandians are kinda killing it up there in Stumptown. With everything.

We Angelenos love other happy people, we have high standards when it comes to brunching, we love a good craft cocktail, nothing makes us happier than a decent happy hour menu, and well dressed people make us feel welcome. Portland is the perfect designation for us Angelenos in need of a break from the heat and the fast paced LA madness, but being that Portland is a relatively large city, it’s tough to check off all recommendations in one trip. So, because you and I share very similar tastes in how to travel and enjoy a city outside of our own, here’s 10 crucial things (in no particular order) you should attempt to squeeze in on your next trip to the Land of Port.


BRB LA | Portland Photo Diary

If it weren’t for the weather or the fact that I’d comfortably gain an extra 15 lbs, I might seriously consider re-establishing life in the “city by the river”: Portland, Oregon. This weekend was my very first visit to Portlandia, and LA, you know I luh ya baby but, my weekend with Portland was a whirlwind romance I shall never forget. I fell in love with confusingly delectable donuts (who knew a bourbon basil blueberry donut could taste so good?), I fell in love with every single person who said “hello” and acknowledged my existence, I fell in love with strippers (oh yes, it’s a Portland thing), I fell in love with “no sales tax”, and I fell in love with the smell of fresh Oregon air and the presence of Fall.  Portland is the perfect blend between big city fun and small town comfort, and for being such a clean and beautiful city, it’s surprisingly affordable. Coming from Los Angeles, and from California in general, I still can’t wrap my head around how far my dollar goes in comparison – I actually try not to think about it… it’s depressing.  (Just have brunch, it will give you some perspective.)  I’ve got so much to share from this trip and tons of things only us Angelenos can appreciate, but first… photos.

Spicy Chai at Heart Roasters