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Raise your hand – or fluke – if you’ve been to Alaska. Now raise your hand if you hated it. (I guarantee no one is raising their hand because it’s impossible!) I’ve never been to a place on earth that more people in agreement over. Seriously. Everybody loves Alaska – myself now being included.

My parents and Tommy and I just embarked on a week long cruise through Alaska and it truly was the trip of a lifetime. I have never in my life seen a place so naturally stunning that it’s actually difficult to comprehend.

Now. I’ve always been honest about the fact that I’m not one for venturing too far out of city limits – the great outdoors is not exactly within my comfort zone. I’m not a camper, not even a glamper for that matter, but I knew Alaska was just one of those places in the world I needed to see. IRL.

Sure we saw a lot of the Alaskan great outdoors by way of a fancy boat – Silversea Cruises to be exact – but give me some credit, I am taking baby steps here! But thanks to said fancy boat, we were able to visit 5 cities within one week on our journey – Anchorage, Skagway, Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan. Each city offered something new and had its own unique charm, and I am grateful to have seen so much. I’ll have to come back for a moose sighting as well as a Northern Lights show, but I figure those are both great excuses to do so.

Here’s a little of what we saw along our journey through the great Alaskan territory:




If there is one place in Palm Springs that perfectly encapsulates and embodies “Palm Springs”, it’s the Parker. Amiright? Before my recent trip, I hadn’t even BEEN to the Parker and it was still the first place I thought of when I thought of Palm Springs. It’s quintessential, it’s classy, and ask any Angeleno – it’s most peoples favorite property in the area.




So we’ve done a full rundown on what you need to pack for your next tropical getaway… and since it’s arguable that swimsuits are a major component – if not the most important component – they get a whole post all to themselves. As most of us I’m sure, I have a love/loath relationship with bathing suits – probably a bit more loathing than love if we’re being honest. I’ve never loved showing a ton of skin, I can’t honestly say I always feel comfortable and confident in swimsuits, and damn are they expensive tiny pieces of “clothing” or what?!

Well. I have to say. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten quite good at this “shopping for your body type” thing, and I still standby the fact that high waisted bikinis seem to work for just about everyone. Much like last year’s trip to Mexico, the swimwear theme on my recent trip to the Andaz Mayakoba definitely tended to lead towards the high waisted two pieces, and for once in my life I felt genuinely comfortable in these suits. I did my dudillegence trying on a ton and working with a silhouette I knew work for me and it paid off. So as someone who spent quite a bit of time on this, these are the swimsuits I would say are worth the investment this year:




If you’ve been following along on the ‘gram you’d know that I just got back from a few days down in beautiful Mexico! And if you thought from the looks of things that it was a bit similar to last years trip to Mexico, I would say excellent observation, because I did in fact go back to the same damn place. Well almost the same damn place, but hey, as the saying goes – why fix it if it aint broke. The Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen makes me happy, the end. So yes, we went back to the Mayakoba, but this time we stayed at the Andaz Mayakoba instead of the Banyan Tree and I could not have better things to report back about this resort. If you’re looking for the perfect place to vacay in Mexico – that isn’t $$$$$ Tulum or a cheesy all inclusive – this would be why you need to consider The Andaz:




I always forget how close Ojai is from Los Angeles. It’s like… driving-from-the-Eastside-to-the-Westside-in-traffic close, which makes it the PERFECT place for Angelenos to skip town for a night or two. What you’ll love about Ojai – whether you’re a fast paced city slicker or a laid back local hippie – is that its a total mind, body, and soul retreat for anyone and everyone. Doesn’t matter what your budget looks like, doesn’t matter where you are from, doesn’t matter if you meditate or do yoga or actually despise it; all that matters is that you are as open to enjoying the Ojai experience as Ojai is to hosting you. Wait till you meet the locals,  smell those orange blossoms, and catch your first glimpse at the famous “pink moment” (sunsets in Ojai are a thing of legend) – you’ll want to be cast under the Ojai spell regularly. Here are a few of my personal favorite things about one of California’s coolest towns:




London finally called after 29 short years, and when London calls… you go. You get the hell across that pond because what’s on the other side, just past Heathrow airport, is a city of complete and total wonder. If you’re a traveler, at some point in your life you’ve probably heard, “you have to go to London, you would love it.” It’s just something people in the know say, like “fruits and vegetables are good for you.” London is just one of those “duh”, “obviously”, must-go places.  So finally as of 2 weeks ago I journeyed to the land of our forefathers’ fathers : the land of stunning architecture – both new and old. The land of the world’s best accents, greatest pubs, most rich history/culture, and arguably some of the absolute best *and and most fashionable* people. Whether your planning your very first trip or just looking for a little travel inspo, this here is my Angelenos guide to getting properly aquatinted with Londontown.




I know some people with some serious civic pride, I may even be one of them, but out of all of the places I’ve been I’ve never truly experienced local love and hometown pride quite like it is in Seattle.

Let me just start with the fact that there are collectively no nicer human beings on earth than Seattleites. It’s just a fu*kin’ fact. They are so kind and so genuine that it actually hurts my feelings. Secondly, Seattle is just an absolutely beautiful city. I know, you’ve heard this before right? Well, I can’t help myself. It’s truly picture perfect, in all its Pacific Northwestern glory.

Most importantly, the culture in Seattle is incredibly fun, approachable, charming, and rich. From the people, the food, the coffeeshops to the microbreweries this town is filled with incredibly cool small businesses…. And, between flights, entertainment, and accommodations, it can be a pretty affordable trip!

I spent 4 days in Seattle just a few weeks ago, and with the help of several Seattle friends – both new and old – I’ve compiled a list of my favorite things the city has to offer. Your next cold weather weekend getaway awaits.




If you are the proud owner of a luggage tag that reads, “I love not camping.” the likelihood of you being the outdoorsy type is pretty slim. Well friends, as it turns out I am said owner of said luggage tag. I have simply never been one for dirt, mountain lions, bugs, granola bars, tents, and sleeping bags. I love nature, (come on of course I love nature) just typically from a distance. Preferably from the window of a nice little cozy cabin – Kidding. Kind of. Trips to places of the earth with no cell service or civilization aren’t typically my preferred method of adventuring, but in being “forced” to head to Sequoia National Forests this past weekend, I am – to my surprise – now singing a different tune.

The Sequoia National Park is located in the southern Sierra Nevada east of the San Joaquin Valley here in the beautiful state of California. I had the pleasure of visiting a few parts of the vast park during a quick weekend getaway to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays, and it was an experience this non-nature girl will genuinely never forget. If you’re looking to escape city life for a little relaxation mixed with a little adventure, this is the magical bucket-list place you need to visit, and this is what you need to do:




GUYS I DID IT! Two weeks ago, I FINALLY took a proper vacation for the first time in a very long time. Sure, I’ve gone on plenty of quick work/play trips within the past few years, but nothing that could compare to what I experienced at The Banyan Tree Mayakoba. Honestly I can’t seem to shut up lately about what an amazing trip I had from start to finish, and while I owe plenty to my company (my boyfriend and parents) for making it so much fun, we collectively owe most of our trip of bliss to The Banyan Tree Mayakoba.



Love and Loathing LA Scottsdale AZ


Well, it’s official. Scottsdale Arizona is really easy to get to, really easy on the eyes, and really easy to hang around. Prior to this past weekend I thought taking a trip to Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona meant hours of travel time to a place that might as well be Palm Springs, but oh, OH was I totally wrong. Scottsdale is just 5-6 hours away from Los Angeles by car or a short one hour long plane ride – practically the same amount of time it would take to get to Northern California. The city itself is absolutely stunning with it’s picturesque desert scape backdrop and architectural uniformity. But not only is Scottsdale an undeniably beautiful city, it’s easily one of THE best destinations in the West for dining, creating, adventuring, relaxing, and pampering – trust me even in just one weekend, I feel like I experienced it all. If you’re thinking about heading out to Arizona’s city of sunshine and sophistication, here’s what not to miss!