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Puff sleeves might be one of those trends we look back on in 20 years and say to ourselves, “why oh why”, but ’til then I AM HERE for this trend. 2018 has been the year of statement tops and puff sleeves, and I love that these trends have been so versatile and applicable to any season. I have had so much fun this summer with bold prints and mixing patterns – Gingham, polka dots, and florals have been some of my favorite patterns to play with and adding a puffy sleeve has been the bonus accent to take a look from cute to chic. As we head into Fall these trends are on track to get even more “trendy”, so let’s go through a couple of the looks and styles I am loving right now!




Did you know that Hawaiian shirts are cool again? AND that they appeal to all ages and genders? It’s true! And if you had any doubt, allow me to make my case.

It all started a few months ago when I paid a visit to one of my favorite stores/brands in Los Angles, Paul Smith. As I was perusing the ladies section, I came across this bright yellow, button down short sleeve shirt with a floral print. I thought to myself, “I have never really thought to wear a Hawaiian shirt but now that I am seeing this I think I need it.” I didnt buy the shirt that day, I should have but let’s not harp on it, but since then I have absolutely obsessed over Hawaiian shirts for girls.




I honestly cant think of an easier chic summer outfit than an all white ensemble. I have been really ramping up efforts on that front lately and am absolutely loving the outcome – god willing I haven’t spilled anything on said white garments. Whether it’s via a great pair of white jeans *that are actually flattering*, a classic white blouse, a clean pair of sneakers, a swimsuit, or a fun LWD, there are so. many. fun ways to wear white this summer, regardless of the occasion. So without further adieu, these are a few of my favorite recent finds and how I styled them!




Nothing screams “WARM WEATHER IS NEAR” quite like the mass bloom of Bougainvillea in LA. It has got to be the single most colorful, fun, and inspirational plant and easily my favorite backdrop. And to our fortune it’s EVERYWHERE! So I’ll be honest… I 100% bought this set because it reminded me of the color of bougainvillea. And judging by the proof in the photos, I’d say job well done on the color matching front. I love a good colorful set. They’re one of my favorite ways to elevate a look without the hassle of putting one together – it has already been done for you! Sets are usually my best friends on vacation or to wear at events, but case in point – they’re great on any average day around town in front of some bougainvillea too. If I had the means, these fun and colorful sets from Free People would be high on the “priority purchase” list as well:



Happy Friday HELLO sunshine!! I was a bit worried there for a minute my upcoming posts and outfits planned in florals, dresses, and yes – polka dots – would be irrelevant with the weather we’ve been having but alas, Spring has sprung again, and all is well in the LA fashion universe.

So. Can we all agree on polka dots for the most part? I feel like polka dots really do apply to all personal styles. I myself typically dress in a classic-meets-modern-meets-edge-meets-pop-of-color fashion, and there’s always a place in my wardrobe for polka dots! Always has been, always will be.

I have seen – and purchased – a TON of really great polka dot pieces recently, so in honor of one of my favorite patterns I rounded up a few of my favorites!




Now we all know I have a serious thing for matching sets, especially suits. I don’t always do florals, but a floral SUIT – now that’s something I can get behind. I dont know why more brands aren’t on the floral suit bandwagon yet, but per usual, Zara seems to be ahead of the game!

I love this super casual, relaxed, yet classic look. The big floral print makes a fun statement for Spring, the color scheme is fun, and the cut of both the blazer and the pants just screams “casual cool”. I am obsessed with co-ords right now, and have avidly been on the hunt for big floral prints like this suit set I’ve got on. I haven’t had the best of luck finding a ton of matching trousers and blazers, but I will say I have fallen in love with plenty of other matching floral sets. Here are a few of my favorites!




The blessed event is almost upon us. Coachella is going on their 19th year, and so are most of the attendees. Kidding! Kind of! But truth be told I’ll always have a strange love/loathing relationship with music festivals – kind of like my sentiment towards Los Angeles (wink wink). It’s mostly love with just a tinge, a smidge of distain and annoyance. Just a smidge. Nonetheless one of my absolute FAVORITE parts about Coachella and other festivals is the fashion. You’ll never see me as giddy to shop than for a vacation or a festival. I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for next weekends festivities and if there’s a few things I’m not heading to the desert without, it’s these:




The sun is shining, baseball season is back, and it’s beginning to finally feel like Spring in Los Angeles! Time to start shaving my legs again! Kidding, kind of. I have been having an absolute field day with Spring trends – cant get enough of these circle bags I’m seeing everywhere, small frame sunglasses, pastels, florals – so many trends! If we HAD to narrow it down to 5 crucial items though, worthy of investing in, these would be it:




I am definitely having a moment with colorful monochrome looks. I am actually definitely having a moment with color?! I decided a few months ago that what was somewhat lacking in my wardrobe – and on my Instagram – was color. Los Angeles is made up of such a vibrant and happy culture and I felt like perhaps I needed to represent that a bit more accurately through my style and thus through my social media and blog. It’s actually been so incredibly fun and challenging to pick clothes out and style pieces in a whole new way, I’ve genuinely come to have a appreciation for my newfound take on LA style. I’ve always played it relatively safe through the grey scale, but little by little, bright sweater by bright sweater, I feel like my style is finally evolving. I am having fun with it, I am taking more risks, and receiving more reward for it – even if it’s just simply me feeling like “fuck yes” in the outfit, it feels like it’s paying off inside and out.




Monochrome has to be one of the absolute easiest ways to put together a dope no-brainer outfit. In most cases it’s a sure fire way to get instantly chic. Real talk though – did I put on an all yellow/marigold outfit and think, “this is totally going to work”? Hell to the no. But did I give it a fair shot and hope for the best? Hell to the yes. I bought this jumpsuit because I absolutely loved the color, I loved that it was a bold look and that it would probably be a real test trying to figure out what the hell else to wear with it. It’s one of those items that kind of needs to stand alone, but with it still not being bare shoulder weather a coat was a must. Clearly I’ve got an addiction to anything and everything golden lately so I threw on a matching coat and voila – a bold look that miraculously worked! 1/2 the reason being because the colors matched so well, the other 1/2 being because I just decided to take the risk and try it.