HAPPY EARTH DAY!! (I know, a Sunday post… whaaa?) But because today is such an incredibly important day, I wanted to share with you guys a list of sustainable micro-brands I’ve discovered on Instagram who offer goods that are all ethically produced in some shape or form.

Sometimes, when you think about everything in mass, it seems like it would be hard for one person, or even one brand to make a difference. But if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change, amiright? Making conscious and continuous steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle really does matter, and it can start with something as small (or as big) as your wardrobe. So on that note, see below for some sustainable brands I’m loving right now – AND – as always, let me know if I missed any of your favorites in the comments!




I absolutely LOVE festival fashion, but I will never go too far out of the realm from what I’d wear on vacation or even on a day to day basis. Sure there’s something to be said about upping your accessory game or wearing a bolder than usual look, but you wont ever catch me in glitter, a mesh top, out of control fringe, or cheeky shorts. Ya just wont. I love to dress for festivals with color, fun textures or prints, and eccentric accessories in mind. The goal is to try to stand out without looking kitchy or costumey. I saw a lot of really epic outfits this year – was loving the cowboy boots and metallic tops/skirts/dresses/kimonos – but if you were curious what I rocked each day, well here you have it!




The blessed event is almost upon us. Coachella is going on their 19th year, and so are most of the attendees. Kidding! Kind of! But truth be told I’ll always have a strange love/loathing relationship with music festivals – kind of like my sentiment towards Los Angeles (wink wink). It’s mostly love with just a tinge, a smidge of distain and annoyance. Just a smidge. Nonetheless one of my absolute FAVORITE parts about Coachella and other festivals is the fashion. You’ll never see me as giddy to shop than for a vacation or a festival. I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for next weekends festivities and if there’s a few things I’m not heading to the desert without, it’s these:




Instagram can turn into a deep, cavernous hole. Don’t you have those moments where you’re sitting on the couch, you open your app, and then all of a sudden an hour of your life has passed you by and, for a brief moment, you lose all semblance of time and space?

Well, the other day, I decided to capitalize on this behavior and jot down a few of the brands I had stumbled upon. It’s great to support smaller businesses trying to make it in this world. It’s also more sustainable. So see below a few recently discovered brands that are feeding my soul one image at a time.




The sun is shining, baseball season is back, and it’s beginning to finally feel like Spring in Los Angeles! Time to start shaving my legs again! Kidding, kind of. I have been having an absolute field day with Spring trends – cant get enough of these circle bags I’m seeing everywhere, small frame sunglasses, pastels, florals – so many trends! If we HAD to narrow it down to 5 crucial items though, worthy of investing in, these would be it:




I am definitely having a moment with colorful monochrome looks. I am actually definitely having a moment with color?! I decided a few months ago that what was somewhat lacking in my wardrobe – and on my Instagram – was color. Los Angeles is made up of such a vibrant and happy culture and I felt like perhaps I needed to represent that a bit more accurately through my style and thus through my social media and blog. It’s actually been so incredibly fun and challenging to pick clothes out and style pieces in a whole new way, I’ve genuinely come to have a appreciation for my newfound take on LA style. I’ve always played it relatively safe through the grey scale, but little by little, bright sweater by bright sweater, I feel like my style is finally evolving. I am having fun with it, I am taking more risks, and receiving more reward for it – even if it’s just simply me feeling like “fuck yes” in the outfit, it feels like it’s paying off inside and out.




Monochrome has to be one of the absolute easiest ways to put together a dope no-brainer outfit. In most cases it’s a sure fire way to get instantly chic. Real talk though – did I put on an all yellow/marigold outfit and think, “this is totally going to work”? Hell to the no. But did I give it a fair shot and hope for the best? Hell to the yes. I bought this jumpsuit because I absolutely loved the color, I loved that it was a bold look and that it would probably be a real test trying to figure out what the hell else to wear with it. It’s one of those items that kind of needs to stand alone, but with it still not being bare shoulder weather a coat was a must. Clearly I’ve got an addiction to anything and everything golden lately so I threw on a matching coat and voila – a bold look that miraculously worked! 1/2 the reason being because the colors matched so well, the other 1/2 being because I just decided to take the risk and try it.



[Photo from 2015 Governors Ball Preview]

Okay, one of the MAIN reasons I love the Oscars is because of the maj, maj, MAJ fashion that is served. Like a free expensive glass of champagne… or an unexpected (yet totally expected) free birthday treat at your fav restaurant… the fashion is the icing on the awards cake. The Oscars are where we get to see the best runway looks on people that are (kinda sorta not really) just like us?! The best of the best from every major fashion Haus is reserved for Oscar night, and the red carpet is almost just as fun to watch as the award show itself. Amirite? Anyway, because I love this sort of thing, this blog is particularly particular and not super related to LA, but since the Oscars took place in LA I’m letting it slide. Oscars weekend is practically a recognized holiday – they close down Hollywood Blvd  for crying out loud!


SO. All that said, Oscars 2018 was the year of takes on old Hollywood glam mixed with bold and jaw dropping numbers. This would be my personal best dressed list:




Two words: TRENCH COATS. They’re a big thing in LA (and beyond) this season… but they’ve never really ever gone out of style, have they. Designers have been reimagining the trench coat for decades, and 2018 has truly outdone itself. I’ve been falling head over heels for wild textures, bright colors, and different ways to breath new life into this simple silhouette. While I completely condone a pink pleather knee length trench, starting with the basics is crucial for a lifetime’s worth of style – and for making the most of your money.  For example, you really cant go wrong with a classic tan trench like the one I’ve got on. Trenches work on every girl, every body type, and every budget. You could go on a serious investment like a classic Burberry coat, or you could go with something a bit more “current” and affordable, like this Line & Dot option.




My favorite kind of shopping is shopping for gifts. For me. Ok fine, I do love shopping for friends and family too – I promise! But regardless of why we’re shopping, going to a store, trying on clothes, terrible dressing room lighting and the hassle of parking – it’s all a lot. But when you’re In Los Angeles, walking those sunny semi clean streets through different neighborhoods, it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon some cute locally owned shop that is very serious about their collection and selection of curated goods. The best part — besides the treats — you’re supporting small businesses and thus the local community. KUDOS BABE. MAJOR. KUDOS.

The wonderful thing about these shops too, is that the selection of goods range in price, so you’ll be able to find a gift within any budget. See below a list and short description of a few of my faves and PLZ let me know if I missed any in the comments! Would love to hear what YOUR favorite local shops are!