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Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes… kind of… but not really? Like, you love the idea of customizing your clothes but you’re sure as shit not about to actually make any yourself – OR pay the premium to have it made for you. Those of us who are fashion obsessed enough have definitely had dreams of tweaking things here and there to satisfy our particular and personal fashion standards. I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve thought, “god, this would be so much cuter if it had different sleeves”, or “why are the pockets here instead of there”. Or even worse, “why are there no pockets?” Well fortunately friends, its 2018 and we have Frilly.




One of the most fun and girly things to do in LA is to have Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. The Langham is home to my absolute all time FAVORITE high tea service, which makes for the ultimate excuse to dress up and hang out with my gal pals. Dressing for tea is definitely a big part of the appeal because you can (and should) have so much fun with it!




HIP HIP HOORAY! It’s boot season babes!!! And it’s almost cold enough outside in LA to wear them without sweating! If there’s one thing I buy myself every single Fall without fail, it’s a new pair of boots. Or several… because, variety, duh. Sure I have 10 pairs of black booties, but they’re all very different you see, and they all serve their very specific purposes. But when it comes to the trendiest of boots this season, you really only need to invest in one kind of over the knee boot. I’m not going to stop you from stocking up on several, but you really do only need one solid pair. I bought these black OTK boots last year at Nordstrom, and I couldn’t wait to bust them out again this year. They’re made by Marc Fisher – who I think makes the best OTK boots for the price – they have a great heel height, they’re comfortable, they’re still in style, and I didn’t have to break the bank on them.




It’s no secret at this point that LA girls love vintage, they love Levi’s, and they love denim. The trick though always seems to be, “where do we get said vintage/Levi’s/denim!” Los Angeles may be a sprawling city full of boutiques and fashion opportunities, but when it comes to discovering the best finds, you’ve got to know where to go to get them and then what to do to modernize them a bit.




“I LOVE LA IN THE SPRINGTIIIIME”, sing it with me now! Totally not how the song goes but still totally works. I swear though, at the first signs of Spring something comes over me and I have this urge to put all the colors on, all at once. It doesn’t last forever, but it happens nonetheless – clearly. This season though I am really into yellow/marigold/gold tones; to me it just screams “sunshine” and it has been a color I’ve been really drawn to lately. Whether that be bathing suits, tops, or in this case dresses, I’m loving me some mellow yellow.



Love and Loathing LA Camel Coats


If there is one Fall/Winter season staple I haven’t seen fall out of fashion within the past 5+ years, it’s the beloved “camel coat”. And I swear I’ve been searching for the perfect damn camel coat for about 5 years now. It has to be the right color, the right length, has to have the right lapel, the right shape, the right amount of buttons – whew! I have never felt more like Goldie Locks over something so ridiculous in my whole life! So alas, instead of finding the absolute perfect camel colored coat – which to my very disappointing discovery usually costs around $1k+ – I’ve started collecting more affordable “almost perfect camel colored coats” instead.

I have had so many girlfriends run into the same issue with finding the right camel coat, so I did some digging and found 6 really great camel colored coats that are perfect for this season, and all happen to be under $200. Well, except for one because it’s just too good to leave out! Between light weight / heavy weight / light colored / darker colored / shorter  / longer options, I am sure we can find you your “almost perfect camel coat” too!



Love and Loathing LA Shop Metallics



Instead of giving your friend/Mother/lover another Starbucks gift card this year, remind them what a sweet and thoughtful human you are by giving them one of these fine gifts. All of which are made/sold/developed or have something at least to do with our wonderful city: The City of Angels. See what I did there – Angels//Christmas//get it. Happiest of happy Holidays friends may your shopping experience be merry, berry, and bright!


1. Runa Klock (available at Poketo) – “Drink Rocks Set” – $38

2. Gelina – Restaurant Cookbook –

3. Apolis – “Arts District Market Bag” – $68

4. Fort Standard (available at General Store) – “Hexagon Marble Trivet” – $96

5. Kelly Lamb – “Mischief Candle” – $80

6. Urbanic – “Copper Soy Candle” – $40


1. Clare V. – “Black Newlook Toiletry Case” – $165

2. Buck Mason – “White Sand Venice Wash Slub” – $32

3. Tanner (available at Stag Provisions) – “Standard Belt – Mahogany” – $105

4. Commodity Goods – “Whiskey 100ml Eau de Parfum” – $99

5. Izola (available at Stag Provisions) – “To My Health Flask” – $24

6. The Cocktail Lab – “Ultimate Moscow Mule Basket” – $118

HERGIFTGUIDE1. Poketo – “Marble iPhone Case” – $45 (each)

2. Commodity Goods – “Gold 100ml Eau de Parfum” – $99

3. Katie Dean – “Solid Rose Gold Bar Stud Earrings” – $210

4. Aark (available at Poketo) – “Real Marble Watch In Carrara White” – $189

5. La Vie Boheme – “Mandala Yoga Mat” – $86

6. Clare V. “Cuoio Vachetta Navy Splash Dots Flat Clutch” – $215


Stocking Stuffers2015

Gift shopping is difficult enough, why not add the whole stress of finding meaningful, useful, affordable, thoughtful stocking stuffers into the mix? I know. Shopping for these tiny treasures can be a bit tricky outside of the checkout line at Sephora or the holiday candy available at your local grocery store. But let me remind you – you’re better than that. Here are 12 of my favorite little unique treats from a few of my favorite LA local crafters/boutiques/brands – all under $25 a pop – that are sure to please and delight!


5 Things To Love About Move Loot



Move Loot is an SF based company in the business of helping the good people of SF, North Carolina, Georgia, and most recently LA literally move – as in buy/sell – ‘loot’. Forget Craigslist, forget about Facebook marketplace (is that even still a thing?) and forget dumping your stuff on the sidewalk outside your apartment (all of Los Angeles I’m lookin’ at you), Move Loot has officially changed the game in terms of buying and selling used furniture. Move Loot has JUST launched in Los Angeles and it’s time we got familiar with the company here to save our LA-renter lives with their simple, pleasant, and pain free approach to dealing with used furniture. Here’s what you need to know: