All I keep hearing is, “Summer is almost over” and can I just be the one to say, no it ain’t? I feel like Summer has just begun! August, September and October always seem to be our warmest months and it’s the time of year Angelenos can finally take advantage of LA’s splendor. We can go to the beach in peace, we can dine al fresco as often as we please, and we can drink rosé – aka Summer water – on an extended timeline!

It’s no secret that I absolutely love hosting at my house, and my most recent gathering was arguably my most crowning achievement yet. I, with the help of my friends from Society6, hosted my very own “Rosé All Day” inspired cocktail party in my backyard and had the absolute best time doing it. I really went above and beyond with this one, but the good news is it really wasn’t all that difficult to pull of.



I absolutely loved working with Society6 on this particular project, in fact it was one of my favorite partnerships of the entire year. I have been buying home goods and accessories from Society6 since I was in college, in fact I actually had a few friends who’d had designs available on the site as well.

If you aren’t familiar with Society6, they are an online brand that is home to tons and tons of artists who can upload their work and make them available in the form of several types of consumer goods – everything from wallpaper, prints, coasters, pillows, comforters, to mugs and so on. And for every purchase, they get paid and you support an independent artist – it’s a win win all around.


[Shop my pink dress HERE | Shop more perfect “rosé all day” party dresses HERE]


Head on over to the Society6 blog to check out my guest post on how to successfully host your very own Rosé All Day themed party! 



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