OH HELLO HEAT WAVE. So nice to see you! From the comforts of my air-conditioned office of course. I cannot believe it’s going to be in the 100’s today and through the weekend, I’m already planning on spending the next three days indoors or near large bodies of water. But besides air conditioning, the Pacific Ocean, and ice cold cocktails, the most important component to surviving hot weather is arguably how you choose to dress. And girl, I dont know about you, but if I’m not in a bathing suit I’ll be in a mini dress. A flowy… lightweight… breathable… and obviously *very cute mini dress.

I love a good classic mini dress, but I often find myself unable to justify such ridiculous price tags for such ridiculously little pieces of clothes. I share the same sentiment towards most bathing suits – y so expensive tho? The good news is that there are great mini dresses out there, that do look expensive, but are actually just fairly priced. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect mini for this summer – at a reasonable price – these are my favorite mini’s out there right now under $100!





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