HAPPY EARTH DAY!! (I know, a Sunday post… whaaa?) But because today is such an incredibly important day, I wanted to share with you guys a list of sustainable micro-brands I’ve discovered on Instagram who offer goods that are all ethically produced in some shape or form.

Sometimes, when you think about everything in mass, it seems like it would be hard for one person, or even one brand to make a difference. But if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change, amiright? Making conscious and continuous steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle really does matter, and it can start with something as small (or as big) as your wardrobe. So on that note, see below for some sustainable brands I’m loving right now – AND – as always, let me know if I missed any of your favorites in the comments!


1. BllueMade

Made in NYC, these garments are all made from linen, one of the most natural and sustainable fabrics. The husband and wife duo who started the brand wanted to create pieces for both men and women made from the highest quality textiles. The brand is proud to work with heritage linen mills and family-run businesses.



2. Earthen Warrior

Luxury sleepmasks you never knew you needed? This is Earthen Warrior. Earthen Warrior also makes naturally dyed garments using gentle materials like 100% silk, repurposed cashmere and vintage one of a kind textiles.



3. Rallier

Rallier is made in NYC as well, and the brand transforms traditional uniform silhouettes into modern, and wearable pieces. The brand is ethically made, always. AND, points for a social good component (hell yeah!). For every piece sold, school uniforms are given to girls in regions plagued by gender inequality.



4. Botanica Workshop

Organic, sustainable underwear and swim made with care in the USA. And the colors are just. so. pretty.



5. The HFS Collective

Celebrating the joy of less, HFS Collective produces hands-free bags to liberate you from your baggage, sourcing their materials from the most innovative, animal and earth friendly materials they can find.



6. Siizu Official

I know sometimes one might steer away from sustainable fashion because it’s a bit more expensive. But Siizu Official makes eco-fashion more affordable. Using only natural fabrics, Siizu also donates 10% of proceeds earned back to the planet.



7. Nanin Vintage

Curated vintage mixed with hand-blended fragrances, home selections, beauty and an in-house line. This is everything I need in life. A majority of the products are sold directly through Instagram, not through the “shoppable posts” but simply through DM’ing your email and zip code direct to the account. Pretty cool if you ask me. Also, shopping vintage clothing in general is a great way to practice sustainability!



Like we learned in school, it’s reduce, re-use (hey vintage) and recycle (hey again vintage). So let’s continue to support smaller, sustainable brands, reduce waste and make the world a better place, one super cute outfit at a time.

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