Monochrome has to be one of the absolute easiest ways to put together a dope no-brainer outfit. In most cases it’s a sure fire way to get instantly chic. Real talk though – did I put on an all yellow/marigold outfit and think, “this is totally going to work”? Hell to the no. But did I give it a fair shot and hope for the best? Hell to the yes. I bought this jumpsuit because I absolutely loved the color, I loved that it was a bold look and that it would probably be a real test trying to figure out what the hell else to wear with it. It’s one of those items that kind of needs to stand alone, but with it still not being bare shoulder weather a coat was a must. Clearly I’ve got an addiction to anything and everything golden lately so I threw on a matching coat and voila – a bold look that miraculously worked! 1/2 the reason being because the colors matched so well, the other 1/2 being because I just decided to take the risk and try it.



So yeah. This is me, just living my best golden girl life. This is clearly one of those looks that you’re not going to attempt on any regular day – unless of course it is then I say YAASSSS – but for the most part, this is a look that you’re throwing together for a shoot or for an event. Outfits like this, for me, are things I put together to remind myself that I can. It reminds me to be bold, wear the cool stuff I buy and not think twice about how loud they might be. HEAR ME ROAR RIGHT? I would encourage any and all of my friends out there to be bold every now and then, throw on a full monochrome look and run with it. Even if you start with a simple Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) you’re probably stepping outside your norm and still managing to pull off a badass look. Next steps might look like an all red or an all yellow look like this, or it could not be your thing all together, but I’m here to remind us all that there aint nothing holding you back. Be bold, be the ray of sunshine – you (probably) live in Los Angeles for crying out loud, if there were ever a place to play with fashion it would be here. Give a bold monochrome look a chance.




Elaine Torres



JUMPSUIT: Urban Outfitters – UO Lily Jacquard Lace-Up Jumpsuit – ON SALE for $39.99!

JACKET: Zara – Faux Suede Coat – $49.90

BOOTS: RAYE (via Revolve) – Parker Boot (white) – $168

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