It’s February! How the f*ck did that happen? And somehow I am STILL behind on life post returning from Europe. I promised a London guide this week and well… it’s taking a bit longer than expected. All good things do – amiright. In the meantime, I want to talk about the best color ever in the history of colors: red. AKA… my spirit color. I’ve been regularly wearing red lipstick since high school – been trying to be Gwen Stefani since I was 12, and red lips seemed like the easiest way to get there outside of bleaching my hair. These days though red is a frequent “accent color” in my everyday wardrobe. Sometimes it’s the whole damn thing, but for the most part I love to use red as my pop of color.



It’s about to be Valentine’s Day… and while I’m happily in lurve, and I love chocolate, and champagne… I’m just not one of those “I go overboard on holidays” kinda gals. I’m not opposed to having an excuse to wear more red, but I’m definitely going to cool it on the excessive florals/hearts/what have you. Red accessories are the best way to do just that – not to mention, I think they make for the best outfits to photograph. I’m not tooting my own horn over here but I am definitely drawn to photos of outfits with great pops of color, and it’s a fashion experiment everyone can give a try. I love this River Island red pom pom beanie for example, these Who What Wear sandals, or these great River Island red booties (that I totally just bought, and are on sale for $60). OR, if you’re feeling a bit more bold, a classic red coat is an absolute must – like the one I’m wearing from Zara. It’s just one of those things you’ll have in your closet forever.




If there were ever a time to try your hand at wearing some bold red pieces, now would be it! I hope you have the best Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day next week, and be sure to tag me in your photos of your “pop of red” inspired outfits! Would love to see how you style your best red pieces.




Elaine Torres Photography



COAT: Zara – Tailored Coat (not the EXACT coat I’m wearing but it’s very similar and more affordable) – $129

TROUSERS: Zara – old, but THESE are everything!!! Perfect color grey to match with red.

SNEAKERS: Puma – by way of the_ONES, aka your one-stop dope sneaker shop – $65



  1. Leo & Callie says:

    Ahhh love this one!!! We have some reds we need to break out of the closet!

  2. Leo & Callie says:

    Oooo we love this one!! We have some reds we need to break out of the closet!

  3. Leon R. says:

    I have a red Angels Baseball cap that’s one of my favorites. Will that do?

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