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Echo Park Lake is quite possibly one of LA’s best kept secrets. First of all, there is a lake. And it’s amazing. You can go pedal boating in it for $10 DOLLARS. There are hotdog carts, ice cream trolleys and fresh fruit stands at every corner. And my most favorite part?

It’s perfectly populated. The community this park cultivates is one of understood complacence. You’re going to do you, and as long as you aren’t totally disruptive, nobody really cares. It’s pure bliss.

Some other things I love doing at this park:

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  • Gather a group of friends and have a picnic. You can bring wine (as long as you’re not totally obvious about it), cheese, and games. The shaded spots move rather quickly, but it doesn’t get too hot because of the breeze.


  • Go pedal boating! Like I mentioned above, it’s $10/person and you just have to return the boat by the time they close. It’s easy to sneak on a bottle of wine and the boat fits up to four people! Hey, there aren’t any rules about drunk pedal boating.


  • Go at night and listen to the crickets. This might sound creepy and weird and maybe don’t go alone, but it’s really quite beautiful and takes you out of the LA bubble you might find yourself in.


  • Exercise! There’s a bike and running path around the entirety of the lake. The view is amazing and you’ll be surrounded by people doing the same.


  • Grab a blanket, a book and a coffee from one of the multitude of cafes within walking distance (my favorite is Sage Vegan Bistro) and just read for the afternoon. It’s so meditative and a great way to find solace in alone time.


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Sometimes, it’s the places that feel like an escape that make this city so great. And for me, Echo Park Lake is definitely one of these places.

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