The little pockets of LA are what get me going. I mean, we have SO. MANY. PLACES. to choose from; the list of things to do doesn’t end.

One of my favorite pockets is in Los Feliz. There’s one block in particular, where that small town feel meets the energy of a big city. Nestled between Hollywood Blvd and Franklin St, you couldn’t miss it if  you tried; and trust me you won’t want to.


Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter at Punchbowl


  • First tings first, stop and grab a raw, organic, vegan juice or smoothie at The PunchBowl. Everyone who works there is the friendliest human being.  The shakes are good, too.


  • Then head on down the street to Skylight Books, one of the last independently owned bookstores in LA. Pro tip? Check out the section that features the employees “top picks.” They’ll write little blurbs beneath the books they feature and you can find a book that fits your vibe, whatever that is.


  • Vintage shopping is my kryptonite. After you buy a book (or four), head to SquaresVille – it’s three doors down from Skylight and is the best vintage store on the east side (IMO) with great prices and great brands. They have a designer section, along with the best coats, levis, and basic tees.


Photo: @katie.melisa.smiles at Figaro Bistro


  • Shopping is cardio, so stop at Figaro Bistro for a late brunch. Tables spew into the sidewalk, and it’s one of LA’s more affordable gems. Did I mention wine?


  • At this point, maybe you’re maybe feeling sleepy. So head to Los Feliz theater – an old school cinema with a limited viewing schedule. Who doesn’t love an afternoon movie in a vintage theater to boot?


  • Last but not least, treat yo’ self and grab a slice of pie at House of Pies, right across the street. It’s the type of old-timey diner that is my idea of a happy place. My fave is butterscotch or banana cream.


Los Feliz Theater


You’re welcome. Because at this point, this may or may not have been the best day of your life. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but let me know in the comments if you agree. Or, if you think I’m missing anything!

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