Outside of the occasional delightfully purple ube treat, I can’t say I’m terribly familiar with Filipino cuisine. But my best friend/fellow Angeleno/food blogger Nastassia of @letmeeatcake fortunately is. She’s not only 1/2 Filipino and a foodie by trade, but she actually started the first Filipino food truck in LA back in 2010. Though Nas (as I like to call her) has moved on from her food truck days, she is still the authority on the local cuisine and I have loved learning about the delicious and colorful culture through her recommendations.

Nas is a dessert blogger, an excellent choice in profession if you ask me, and when she’d heard that Jonathan Gold had high praises for Sari Sari Store and their buko pie, it was decided that Sari Sari would be the perfect destination for our next “bff foodie adventure”. Take Grand Central Market, plus a lesson in Filipino food, plus eating said delicious Filipino food, plus friendship, and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful quintessential LA experience.



Sari Sari Store was opened by Republique’s Margarita and Walter Manzke, and the concept is focused on traditional Filipino rice bowls or ‘silog’ that pull from Margarita’s Filipino heritage. Margarita is a James Beard Nominated chef and if there’s anything guaranteed it’s that this gal knows her pastries, and she knows her Filipino cuisine. Sari Sari is such a wonderful representation and reflection of that. I would have to agree with the authorities, both Nastassia and Jonathan Gold, and concur that there isn’t a silog they offer that will disappoint, but make sure you save room for dessert!




Whatever sounds good, because the fact of the matter is – it’s all good. Ask J. Gold if you need any further confirmation of this. But definitely don’t forget that dang creamy and coconuty Buko Pie!



Great Filipino food // Silog // Breakfast // Lunch // Dinner // casual // something to eat at Grand Central Market // a slice of pie



8 am – 8 pm daily


SARI SARI STORE // 317 S Broadway Grand Central Market Los Angeles, CA 90013



  1. Nas says:


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  3. J&M says:

    Hey, super awesome of you to check out this Filipino restaurant and write about it! We’re Filipino-American bloggers ourselves from SF and all your pictures are inspiring us to check it out when we’re down in LA 🙂 Cheers!

    • Well thank you so much for stopping by and for even saying!! My best friend is Filipino (as you probably read) and it’s been so much fun diving into the culture here in LA 🙂 when I come up to SF I’ll have to see whats going on around there too! XO

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