The search is over, I have officially found my go-to weekday breakfast and coffee spot. Not only is it beautiful, neighborhood-y, and trendy, they also just happen to make some of the best coffee drinks and breakfast bites to eat I’ve had in this city. Great White only just opened at the beginning of September and these days judging by the packed tables and numbers of patrons in line, there are clearly a lot of people who share my sentiment. For very good reason I’ll have you; at first glance the assumption for the frenzy might be Great White’s perfect location. It happens to be situated right in the heart of Venice Beach foot traffic, just across across the way from the “VENICE” sign and right off Pacific Ave. But take a closer look, or have a sip of coffee or a bite of one of their small dishes and conclude that, yeah this place is trendy and ideally located, but it’s also just really fu*king good?



First and foremost the coffee drinks made at Great White are simply outstanding. Great White was founded by Australian owners Sam Trude and Sam Cooper, and in sticking to their Aussie roots and their belief in quality products they serve my absolute favorite coffee ever, Vittoria. Not a lot of places in LA get to serve it, and this is one of the places! Right beside the best coffee sits the best breakfast burrito I think I’ve ever had. Chef Alex Thomopoulos strives to keep Great Whites all day menu concise, healthy, and fresh and it’s clear that her formula is working. Do a few “all day” type dishes, do them really well, and voila – you have the best new restaurant in Venice, in my opinion.



I have nothing but the highest of praises for Great White, and I honestly cannot wait to go back and bring everyone I know. And with the thick marine layer in Venice right now, there’s especially something magical and dreamy about having a cozy breakfast at Great White. Just sayin’.




You can’t go wrong with any coffee beverage because Vittoria will never let you down. Outside of coffee though they make matcha lattes, golden turmeric lattes, and a few delicious smoothies.



Well I did say Great White makes the best breakfast burrito in LA, so… definitely start there. It’s made with scrambled eggs, tater tots, charred scallion, applewood smoked, bacon, oaxacan cheese, chipotle aoli, roasted salsa – when have crispy golden tots ever done you wrong. Outside of that I absolutely LOVED the Corn Fritters with a poached egg, charred avocado salsa, and fresh greens. I could eat that dish every single day, twice a day, and be completely content. If you’re craving something a bit lighter or fruitier, the Blue Smoothie Bowl (Banana, pineapple, passionfruit, e3 live blue algae, chia, seasonal fruit, house made granola) is to die for. And it’s blue!



Breakfast // Coffee // local spot // casual // breakfast burritos // smoothies // something new and trendy // healthy eats // beachy vibes



7 am – 6 pm daily


GREAT WHITE // 1604 Pacific Ave. Venice, 90291 California

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