Let’s just immediately note that when Jonathan Gold says Pizzana‘s pizzas are comparable to some of the best in the world… you take that shit seriously. Pizzana, owned by Candace and Charles Nelson (the couple behind Sprinkles Cupcakes) and actor Chris O’Donnell, is officially the best thing that has ever happened to Brentwood. And I totally mean that. I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of pizzas lately, namely “wood fired” pizzas, and while I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t really like, Pizzana blows any and all competition completely out of the water. Italian born Chef Daniele Uditi is a pizza whisperer. A genius. A master. I sound like a complete and total super fan, and truth be told I totally am. Ask me my favorite pizza place in Los Angeles… Pizzana is it. End of story, drop the mic.




Pizzana has some of the most impressively curated *fairly priced* Italian wines I’ve ever seen in LA. I personally tend to favor Italian wines over anything so Pizzana is kind of my personal happy place in that respect, but if you too happen to be fond of Italian grapes nothing they have to offer will disappoint – nor will they burn a hole in your wallet. They’re all very approachable, casual, and perfect accompaniments for pizza.




I tried to save room for as many pizzas as possible, but as beautiful salads and vegetable dishes flew by me I decided to give the experience a more well rounded approach. I ended up ordering specials that aren’t listed on the current menu, gotta love a good special, but let’s just say – don’t skip the specials! Chef Daniele really lets his creativity and love of super fresh locally sourced ingredients shine with these daily dishes.

Most importantly though… we gotta talk about the pizzas. Without a hint of hesitation, you must order Chef Daniele’s beloved and now famous Neo-Margarita Pizza – san Marzano dop “polpa”, fior di latte, basil crumb, parmigiano, basil. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know what some of that means because trust me and the rest of the world when we say it’s the best margarita pizza you’ll ever have. The crust is a bit crispy, the cheese is thick, stringy and a bit salty, and the basil crumb is the most genius pizza topping ever created.

Pizzana has a lot of pizza options, and just about everyone I know who has been there has a different favorite pizza. So all that means to me is that I have a lot of work to do – which I am very, very happy about. The other pizza I ordered that night was the Pignatiello – Neapolitan Sunday gravy, fior di latte, parmigiano crema, basil – and I actually ended up loving it just as much as the Neo Margarita. Chef explained to me that it was a pizza that kind of encapsulated his childhood in Italy, so naturally that struck a chord and was an obvious choice.

If you were at all curious about dessert, let me just tell you that between two people, two salads, and two mostly eaten pizzas later… we ordered two desserts *just to try* (the ice cream sandwich and the panna cotta) and ended up eating both entirely. So, just saying – even the desserts are mind blowing.




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SUN-WED 11-10

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