Anyone else feel like the end of summer is beginning to close in on us? You can’t make me buy sweaters and boots just yet, I simply refuse. In light of us somehow already being midway through August, I have been taking FULL advantage of restaurants with patios, outdoor adventures, and air-conditioned movie theaters this past week. I am savoring every last minute of summer I can get and I am loving it. I’m even hosting a pizza and sangria party in my backyard this weekend because we’ve had such wonderful warm nights.



What’s been interesting for me lately, in terms of dressing for summer, has been finding a new love and appreciation for denim shorts. Full disclosure, I actually really don’t love denim shorts. I’ve always thought they weren’t flattering on me, they made me feel weird and blobby when I’d sit down, and they frankly weren’t all THAT comfortable. But for some reason I have discovered a new found tolerance, we’ll call it, for certain denim shorts. Despite being 100% cotton and thus possessing zero stretch, I absolutely love these black, vintage-y, button up denim shorts from Anine Bing. I’ve noticed that button up (down?) denim has been a big trend this summer and for whatever reason I took it upon myself to give it a fair go.

The hunt and struggle for the perfect pair of denim shorts is real people, I am still looking for *THE ONE(S)* but in the meantime at least I’ve dipped my toes in the water. What are your favorite denim shorts you’ve been wearing this Summer? Tell me where you got ’em!



// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography



TOP: House of Harlow (Revolve) – X Revolve Bree Top – $110

SHORTS: Anine Bing – High Waisted Denim Shorts – $149 (these run REALLY REALLY SMALL just FYI!!! I am wearing a Large. And they’re tight.)

SANDALS: Beek – Robin – $280 (comes in other colors!)

BAG: Rattan Woven Basket Bag (there are tons on Etsy)

SUNGLASSES: Celine – Marta – $275 (comes in tons of colors)

EARRINGS: BaubleBar – Vivid Crispin Ball Drop Earrings – $48


2 Responses to HOT CHILD IN THE CITY

  1. Hi! You inspired me to start a blog! I have some questions for you; What are some of the things you don’t like about L.A and have you ever been to the Troubadour or the Whiskey a Go Go?

    • Oh my gosh!!! That is so awesome!! Thanks so much and congrats on getting it started, thats always the hardest part.

      And in terms of things I don’t like… hm. It’s all very silly surface stuff, like traffic, cost of living, how far away everything is, how competitive it is… all that kind of stuff makes it hard to love COMPLETELY some days, but I definitely love it here more than any place Ive ever lived 🙂

      As for the Troubadour and the Whiskey, I have definitely been to both! I worked in music for 7 years when I first moved to LA, so those were some great spots on my rotation for sure!


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