The current obsession with nail art is REAL. The more unique, the more fanciful, the more compliment inducing, the better. And being the manicure qween that I am, you know I’m right there at the forefront of the trend. While I’m relatively loyal to my current nail salon, there is something quite enticing about the latest nail salon to set up shop in LA called Color Camp. Take a quick gander at their Instagram account and you’ll see why, but the fact of the matter is they’re tapping into the nail art niche and quite honestly they’re, well – nailing it.



Last week I was given the opportunity to come by and check Color Camp out and get a manicure – complete with nail art of course – and naturally I leapt at the offer. Walking in to Color Camp I first noticed that it was beautiful, simple, and clean, but my attention went immediately to the wall of nail colors and design inspo. The design board is a way to help guide you through all your nail art hopes and dreams, and they’re designs any of the technicians are capable of recreating for you. They’ve got everything from shapes, French moon, half moon, chrome, gems, stripes, ombre, foil, matte, and even dried flowers. (Yep. Again, head to their Instagram account to see for yourself. If you come in to Color Camp with something else in mind, you are welcome to inquire whether or not it’s do-able. Luckily though, your chances of it being manageable are pretty high. I went in knowing I wanted “shapes”, “lines”, and something “geometric”. I was absolutely no help to my insanely talented technician Hannah, but we finally decided on a “Mondrian inspired” look and voila – it’s the most incredible and beautiful manicure I’ve ever gotten, the end.



Color Camp offers regular polish manicures for $20, regular gel for $40, super gel for $50, and nail art ranging from $2-$4 per nail. They do not offer pedicures, and now that I’ve been, I get why. They need to focus energy and attention to what they’re specialty is, and that is very clearly badass custom manicures.

Color Camp simply embodies the perfectly modern manicure experience. They see the value in offering a unique and customizable service, all the while treating health, design, beauty, technology, quality and fairness with the same utmost importance. Color Camp really is everything every modern girl in LA (with a love for nail polish) has been looking for!


COLOR CAMP // 7607 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles 90036 (book online!)

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