I constantly go back and forth between wondering if I can actually pull off the bandana trend. They’re honestly not the easiest of accessories to pull off, but when you do, it’s awesome. I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge – especially a fashion challenge – so I’ve been having a ton of fun playing with how to wear one of my current favorite trends hitting the streets of Los Angeles.



The great thing about bandanas is that there’s actually a number of ways to wear/tie them. You can tie them tight in a knot around your neck (more like a neck scarf) or you can let them hang a little loose (like how I chose to style the one featured). You can play with length and tie adjustments to suit your look and neckline. For example, if I’m wearing a top that has a high neckline, I like to tie the bandana a bit thinner and tighter – like a neck scarf. If I’m wearing something with a low neckline and I’ve got room to let my bandana “hang”, I will tie it a little looser so it stands out a bit more. You can even tie these around a bag of yours, or around your wrist – the options are limitless!



I’ve found that when it comes to bandanas, you have to watch for your outfit’s color palate. Bandanas tend to really stand out and make a statement, so I love to pair mine with neutral colors and minimal patterns. They especially go great with denim (skirts/shorts/pants), simple white T’s, graphic/band t-shirts, muscle tanks, and simple mini dresses. They’re such a fun yet classic accessory that I have absolutely LOVED seeing girls around LA rocking this Summer. If you’re feeling ready to try it for yourself, I have to say Madewell especially has the best bandanas this season for a great price – plus they’ve got tons of options. I like to keep it classic with black/blue/red, but these days there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a pop of color!



// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography



BANDANA: Madewell – Bandana – $12.50 (comes in tons of colors!)

DRESS: Reformation – Larsa Dress – $128

BOOTS: Balenciaga – Ceinture Boots – $1275 (for the record I bought these used off Ebay for $400!)

BAG: Chanel




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