Last week I had the most INCREDIBLE opportunity to join the luxury fashion website Farfetch on a grand “Summer in LA” adventure. In just one day we shopped till we dropped at the stunning Maxfield boutique, we sipped on sparkling champagne by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we roamed *privately* through the brand new Marciano Art Foundation, and then we ended the night by *privately* dining on the rooftop of one of my all time LA favs – Mama Shelter. YEP. TRUE STORY PEOPLE. Talk about peaking early, the first day of Summer was already the best one this season I’m sure of it!



When we started our day at Maxfield we were able to try on and shoot in some of the most beautiful and insanely expensive clothes I’ve ever seen in real life. We’re talking Gucci, Celine, Givenchy, Valentino, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent – you name it. I was actually nervous trying on such beatiful garments, but fell so absolutely madly in love with this Faith Connexion “Lace Inserts Dress” that I decided to pretend like it was mine for 15 minutes and take some photos – those I can at least hang on to. I didnt leave with the dress but I DID leave with the most beautiful classic Saint Laurent patent leather high heel sandals with bows. These are the types of sandals that will never ever never go out of style – I will probably have these shoes in my closet for as a long as I have a closet. Aka eternity.



At Maxfield I was also able to snag this beautiful Sacai striped lace crop top that I decided to throw on for dinner to go with my new Saint Laurent sandals. That night on the rooftop about 40 of us girls (and guys!) sipped on cocktails, watched the sun go down, and had a beautiful family style meal in celebration of LA’s finest Summer destinations and most fabulous of fashion. I still feel like someone needs to pinch me after that whole day, I can express how grateful I was to be included on such an incredible adventure around town, and I can’t wait to experience it all again! Just maybe a bit more spread out over the Summer. (Beverly Hills Hotel Cabana I’m lookin’ at you first!)


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