Like droves of Angelenos and travelers alike, last week I ventured to The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to catch a rare glimpse of what has been dubbed a “super bloom” that is sweeping through many parts of Southern California. Wild flowers be goin’ CRAZY right now thanks in part to all of the rain we got this year, and it truly is an absolutely remarkable sight to see. I had plenty of places to choose from to see these beautiful wild flowers flourishing, but something about seeing California poppies at a designated poppy reserve piqued my interest most.

If YOU have any interest in seeing these blankets of orange beauties IRL, this is what you need to know:



  • The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is located in Lancaster, about an hour and a half (give or take) outside of Los Angeles – 15101 Lancaster Road
  • The best times to go are early or late afternoon on weekdays
  • If you go on a weekend, prepare to park outside of the park along the road, there will be tons of people and likely very little parking
  • I repeat tons of people – so many people
  • If you go during the week and are able to park inside, parking will be $10
  • The poppies will be blooming until the end of the month (God willing) but potentially though the beginning of May if we get any more rain
  • The time to go is now
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes (you can seriously hike this place), water, and sunscreen
  • There are miles of trails to wander along, to find the areas with the most poppies you can inquire in the visitors center with one of the park officials
  • I was there last week and the best area I found for poppies was located along the Antelope Butte Trail
  • Check in for daily updates on the Reserve’s official website
  • Lastly and most importantly, while you’re visiting the poppies… please DO NOT step on the flowers and ruin everything. Appreciate them, love them, photograph them, be amongst them gently… just please don’t be ignorant and careless!
  • Ok one more “lastly”… tag me in your photos so I can see!! I would LOVE to see your poppyland photos!!!!


  1. Anjali Raval says:

    Can’t wait to get out there! Looks so gorgeous!

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