Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim

Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim


I am feeling very proud of what I’m about to tell you… I officially found my first article of vintage denim at the Rose Bowl Flea a few weeks ago!! You’re like “congratufu*kinlations”, but here’s the deal… 1. I don’t shop for vintage well 2. there’s something slightly gross to me about it still. I KNOW. I know. I’m starting to get over it, but you see now why this purchase was so exciting?! There really is something super thrilling about finding the perfect piece at the perfect price. And this denim jacket was just that – it was just someone else’s for a long time prior. (ew. no. not ew.) So as mentioned, I actually went to the Rose Bowl flea specifically to look for denim, and surprisingly after trying on about 100 different mens Levi’s jackets I found this basic little blue gem. Oversized jackets are so in right now and I was feeling bit left behind in the denim department, I also decided it was probably a good idea to get a head start on Coachella clothes too…sooo… (Yup we’re going there. I promise we won’t talk about it much, but I AM going again this year and will definitely be doing a lot of shopping in preparation! Naturally!)


Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim

Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim


And SPEAKING of pre shopping for Coachella… I’ve gone ahead and bought like 3 pairs of shoes. I felt like shoes are easily the first thing to go wrong while at a festival. I think sneakers are the right route to take, maybe not bright white sneakers like these, but still I bought them intending to be able to wear them around the desert! I love the platform look (still) and I absolutely love the espadrille detail. And the best part? These sneakers come in TONS of styles/colors and they’re a whole whopping $80. Done. Bye. Bought the whole collection. Not really but I would if I could. I love wearing these sneakers with ankle cut skinny jeans, it really makes the shoe the focal point – as they should be in some cases!


Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim

Love and Loathing LA Oversized Denim


Has anyone else gotten a serious head start on festival shopping? What are some purchases you’re loving? ALSO: HAPPY BEAUTY AND THE BEAST DAY!!! Or Happy St Patricks Day if that’s you’re thing!


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Elaine Torres Photography



DENIM JACKET: Levi’s – there’s a billion and one just like it at the Rose Bowl Flea, or any flea for that matter

TOP: who knows

JEANS: Free People – High Rise Roller Skinny (black) – $68 (comes in 19 colors. woah.)

SHOES: Superga – 2790 Cotro Sneaker – $89

SUNNIES: Retro Super Future – Lucia – $250

BAG: Chanel


  1. Yo so into this – easy and manageable for LIFE.

    Excited for you to go to Coachella boo – have SO MUCH FUN.


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