Love and Loathing LA Winter Black

Love and Loathing LA Winter Black


Holy. Guacamole. Outside of your regularly scheduled Insta-programming… I am so sorry I had to let the blog hit the back burner this week! Terrible! Rude! Unacceptable-ish! I have been in Vegas since Monday attending and *SPEAKING* at this season’s WWDMagic show at the LV Convention Center!!! I knew it’d be time consuming and a bit stressful, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much it would actually take out of me – in the best way possible of course. Going to a convention/tradeshow in Vegas is like entering a time-warp. You never know what time it is… what day it is… what your name is… and it kinda messes with your body clock. That being said though, I still had the time of my life and can’t wait to share more from the trip – especially some of my on-film panel discussions with WWD.


Love and Loathing LA Winter Black

Love and Loathing LA Winter Black


Since a lot of this past week was centered around fashion… I feel it’s time I share one of my absolute FAVORITE looks to wear this Winter. Lately I’ve been so crazy busy that trying to put together a well thought out outfit in a very short amount of time has been proving to be a bit difficult, SO, I go with something like this one. I feel like most if not all of us gals can get on board with “when it doubt, all-black-everythang out”, but right now I am especially loving shiny mini skirts like this one because they’re a great way to “jazz up” an outfit. I’m also really loving these great layering type turtle neck sweaters that are thin, simple, and really help tie an outfit together. Then of course I’ve got my go-to over-the-knee boots paired with some tights so I’m warm and not-so-scando(lous).


Love and Loathing LA Winter Black

Love and Loathing LA Winter Black


I feel like with any all black outfit you’ve got to throw in something that will really set your outfit apart. Whether that be a statement clutch, different shoes, lipstick, or in this case sunglasses, you’ve always got have at least one “different” element. Amiright or amiright.

While working on your own “all black everythang” this weekend, keep some of these things in mind! I’d love to see what YOUR go-to all black outfit looks like this season!


// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography



TOP: Free People – Modern Cuff Layering Top – $40 (comes in tons of colors)

SKIRT: Topshop – Black Vinyl Mini Skirt – on sale for $51!

OTK BOOTS: Marc Fisher – ‘Alinda’ Over The Knee Boot – $229.95


BAG: Chanel

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