Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts

Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts


You know those new things you buy that you pretty much decide to wear ’round-the-clock until it feels almost unacceptable to wear it one more day in a row? This sweatshirt is that for me right now. I. Love. This. Thing. I wear it to meetings, I wear it on weekends, I wear it around my house, I wear it post gym – all the time lately! I have always been a fan of the cropped sweatshirt look, and with the popularity of high rise denim/trousers being so prevalent I feel like crop sweatshirts are just a given necessity. (If it can’t be a crop top it might as well be a crop sweatshirt,right? Especially for us LA girls.)

Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts

Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts


Red is my favorite color but outside of lipstick I’ve never felt totally confident rocking bold red anything. I’ve always found it a bit hard to work around red without feeling a bit too “loud”. For whatever reason though, this sweatshirt really called to me and has happily forced me to find ways to properly and stylishly dress red. The simple breakdown for me is that red goes great with metallics, it looks great with denim, and you can usually make it work with anything black or white. I wear this sweater with either a pair of high waisted vintage Levi’s, a patent leather mini skirt, or of course a pair of my trust high waisted trousers. I have these great plaid trousers I featured a few weeks back that look great with this top as well!

This weekend I’ll be prepping for a HUGE week ahead (you’re going to want to stay tuned!!!), so there will be lots of working out, trying my hardest to stay away from ice cream and wine, running around town, and hosting duties. I’m having a Super Bowl party where I will pretend the entire time like I know or care whats going on. (I will however perk up for Lady Gaga, let’s be honest.)


Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts

Love and Loathing LA Sweatshirts Cutouts


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Elaine Torres Photography



SWEATSHIRT: Free People – Peace Up, Peace Out Cropped Pullover – $68

TROUSERS: Line & Dot – Freya Belted Pants – $82

SHOES: Zara (old) – IDENTICAL Shellys London Pair – Emma Platform Oxford – $119.95

SUNNIES: Celine – Celine CE 41093 Sunglasses 0AH3 White Blue Orange

BAG: Chanel – Boy Bag





  1. Micha says:

    I love!!!! Caroline don’t forget Father LA wants to send you a custom made sweater to rock just as hot as this! xo I’ll send you details 🙂

  2. Love the cropped sweatshirt. And totally get how you feel about pretending you know what’s going on in the super bowl! Luckily I looked up a few tips and put them in LA Trading Company’s blog–hope it helps.

  3. Amanda says:

    You are looking gorgeous! I love to wear cropped Sweatshirts. These outfits provide perfect fit and stylish look. Thanks and keep sharing.

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