Love and Loathing LA Faux Fur

Love and Loathing LA Faux Fur


Can you guys believe the actual WEATHER we’re having right now? My wifi actually went out today! Poor sensitive Los Angeles wires and connections; so sweet and fragile. I feel like every time I put on a real coat in LA, I always get questionable looks or the awkward “you look really warm…” comments, but the past few weeks I’ve clearly the most comfortable and intelligent person out there in the 40 – 50 degree cold with my heavy duty coat on! “Who’s the moron now!”

I’ve had this coat in particular in my closet for an entire year now and haven’t been able to wear it (without feeling like said moron) in over a year. I am so happy Los Angeles is finally having a moment of chill so I can bust out all of my favorite “East Coast coats”. I am all about furry/fuzzy coats right now, or “fashion blankets” as I prefer to call them, because they really are the most wonderful way to dress up an outfit all the while remain totally comfy cozy.


Love and Loathing LA Faux Fur

Love and Loathing LA Faux Fur


It’s no surprise that I love a good pair of high wasted trousers – I am especially loving them this season because they go great with some of my shorter furry coats like this deep blue colored one featured. Once again I found these incredible pants on Free People, their pants game is just so damn strong, and I love that they are so different, versatile, structured, and that they’ve got a little hint of androgyny. They’re power plaid pants. But like, fun power plaid pants. I’ll be wearing these year ’round I guarantee, but in the meantime I am taking in all of the heavy coat action I can right now! What’s currently YOUR go-to coat?


Love and Loathing LA Faux Fur


// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography


\\ DETAILS \\ 

COAT: J Crew (old) BUT, Saks has a SUPER similar one for $248!

PANTS: Free People – Rawley Menswear Pants – $69.95 (on sale from $128!!) these run a bit big if you want them to go higher up your waist I’d go down a size!

TOP: Kit & Ace (old)

BOOTS: Sam Edelman (old)



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  2. I Loved the Fur jacket. Its look so soft and smooth. Overall i liked the outfit, it looks like semi-formal type. Thanks!

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