Love and Loathing LA Pajama Trend

Love and Loathing LA Pajama Trend

Love and Loathing LA Pajama Trend

Love and Loathing LA Pajama Trend

Love and Loathing LA Pajama Trend


Pajamas are the new power suits this year, and as much as I was originally perplexed by the idea, I have to admit I get it now. Not sure how that happened, but it did! You could go so far as to actually rock legitimate pajamas, but these days plenty of brands are creating pieces more “inspired by” pajamas. I’ve seen girls (and guys for that matter) wearing pajama tops, pajama pants, together, separately, patterned, not patterned – the trend is a lot more easier to try than it seems. The key is to start with material, usually in this case silk/satin. If you’re going with just a top, the next thing to consider is do you want a more lingerie look, or a more classic pajama top look with pockets and buttons? Fortunately in the fashion world you can’t go wrong either way.

I myself have recently really been drawn to the more “full blown pajama” look. There’s something so silly yet so chic about dressing in pajama-type clothes and being able to pull it off. Plus if there’s one thing I know about myself, I enjoy a good challenge. A great way to ease into the trend is to buy piece by piece, starting at some of the more major retailers like H&M, or ASOS. I actually LOVE all of the matching two piece “pajama” suits ASOS has right now, that’s where my full ensemble featured is actually from. I’ve always loved ASOS because they’re always on-trend and what they offer is more often than not actually affordable. This full set (pants & jacket) comes out to $136.

There is nothing cooler and sexier to me than a power suit, and the pajama dressing trend is just another great way to have fun with a classic look. Start with a top, but if you’re feeling brave and ready to hit the ground running try a matching set! It could be the perfect outfit for a Holiday party or even NYE this month!


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Elaine Torres Photography 


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JACKET: ASOS – ASOS Luxe Pajama Kimono Blazer with Piping Detail – $83

PANTS: ASOS – ASOS Luxe Pajama Pant with Piping Detail – $53

TOP: Goldhawk – Classic Lace Modern Cami – $120


BAG: Chanel Boy Bag

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