Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer

Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer

Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer

Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer

Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer

Love and Loathing LA Tuxedo Blazer


One of the most timeless and key pieces you can have in your closet is a black blazer. (Duh.) If you invest in the right one you’ll have it for years and can use it as an anchor for all kinds of ensembles. I love a classic blazer, but there is something to be said about boyfriend/tuxedo style blazers being the cooler, edgier way to to wear a classic silhouette. I love that a long length blazer can instantly make an outfit chic; pair it with high waisted jeans or with a mini dress/skirt and voila – a perfectly classic yet chic structured ensemble that you can wear to work or out to dinner. I love channeling my inner boss lady, and this is certainly one way to do it!

This Fall I’m sticking to classics like this black blazer, but I’m also branching out a bit and venturing into turtleneck land. I wasn’t entirely convinced turtlenecks were something I could personally pull off, but alas I’m going for it – as you have to do sometimes in the name of fashion. This dress is actually a sleeveless turtleneck dress and is great for these warm Fall days when I’d like to look inspired by Fall but preferably not roast in my outfit. A pair of low boots and a structured hat are a great way to pull ANY Fall inspired outfit together this season and brands like Janessa Leone and Jeffrey Campbell have tons of great stylish options to peruse and pique your interest.


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Elaine Torres Photography



BLAZER: Rented from Rent The Runway!

DRESS: Reformation – Cali Dress – Sold Out

BOOTIES: Jeffrey Campbell – Hunt The Plains Boot (in black) – $198

HAT: Janessa Leone – Bryony (silver sage) – $275

BAG: Chanel Boy Bag



  1. Lex MG says:

    A delightful ensemble.
    I think I first learnt about theReformation from you, back last August. Hey Thanks for that, I am a fan now of theirs. I hope they’ll eventually branch out a menswear section.
    I find it a little strange that you rented the fancy jacket here. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the concept.
    Anyway…. Looking sharp here ! Cool.

    • haha thanks so much! and I know, seems strange to rent clothes but for those days where you want to look sharp and not have to drop a pretty penny on an outfit you’ll probably never wear again, it comes in handy! And Rent The Runway has so truly beautiful clothes! (It’s especially perfect for special occasions, but I just happened to fall in love with this blazer that I wore to an event!) So glad you’re enjoying Reformation as well! 🙂

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