Love and Loathing LA Ruched Sleeves

Love and Loathing LA Ruched Sleeves

Love and Loathing LA Ruched Sleeves

Love and Loathing LA Ruched Sleeves

Love and Loathing LA Ruched Sleeves


Real talk. I genuinely never thought I would be the type to be into ruffles or ruche, but for whatever reason I’ve recently changed my tune. Typically speaking though I tend to shy away from frills or anything too overtly feminine – I keeps it simple. I love structure and simplicity BUT, that’s not to say if the right ruched or ruffled item happened upon me and seemed to make sense that I wouldn’t give it a fair chance. So here I am, giving this romantic ruched blouse a fair chance. It’s the type of thing where “when executed properly” I could totally be into it, and this is one of those items for me. I love that it still has structure and that it’s actually a fantastic take on a clean and classic silhouette. Not to mention, big sleeves be IN right now. Bell sleeves, ruched sleeves, off the shoulder sleeves, long sleeves – all the sleeves.

Next time you’re out shopping trying to find the right “transitional” type top, be on the look out for tops and blouses with interesting sleeves! Have fun with it and let the top do all the talking.


// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography


\\ DETAILS \\ 

BLOUSE: Storets – Jordyn Ruched Sleeve Wrap Blouse – $68 (please read disclaimer below)

JEANS: Levi’s (vintage 505)

SLIDES: Jeffrey Campbell – Beaton – $130

SUNNIES: Crap Eyewear – The TV Eye – $58

BAG: Chanel – Boy Bag


Disclaimer: While I think Storets has incredibly cute clothes for really fair prices, be aware that when buying from them that you are buying from a company located in South Korea. South Korea is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but what makes South Korea being very far away a problem is trying to return any items – you must ship back to South Korea and I personally have had nothing but issues trying to do so. I paid $50 in return shipping costs that I will not be refunded for. Still trying to figure out if they’ve even received my return, 3 weeks later. Please also note sizing!!! They run incredible small when it comes to bottoms; I am a 4/6 and the small/medium bottoms would hardly go up past my knees. Just know that whatever you buy, you’d better hope fits.


  1. Lex MG says:

    This CC bag is big enough for……MARACAS !

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