Love and Loathing LA Palazzo Pants

Love and Loathing LA Palazzo Pants

Love and Loathing LA Palazzo Pants

Love and Loathing LA Palazzo Pants

Love and Loathing LA Palazzo Pants

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing white just as much as I love wearing black, even despite the fact that it is clearly a whole lot easier and a lot less stressful to wear the one that “hides” things well – stains included. These days though I’ve gotten over my fear of rocking pure white because in the likely event I get something on my shirt or pants, I take it to the dry cleaners like the grownup I am. NBD! I’ve also gotten over the fear that wearing white pants/trousers means I have to dress up. I bought these pants intending to dress them up, but just like so many other “special” items I love in my closet I’d decided that I could only wear them for certain occasions. So in my closet they sat for a time, sad and rarely worn.  Then I had an epiphany of sorts that there’s a way to dress down just about anything, so I started playing with how to do it with these palazzo pants.

White, thankfully, is a great base color, a lot of colors/patterns/shoes/accessories go with white! The best item to start with after you’ve selected your palazzo trousers (be it white or not) is with a t-shirt. T-shirt = the instant “casualifier”. You could try an old band t-shirt, you could do a graphic t, you could do a plain high neck t-shirt, or even a muscle t. I chose to go with a cut-off muscle t (that I cut myself) with a high neck and pair it with a lightweight military style jacket for color versatility and to further give off that dressed down vibe.

Outside of the white pants, the best part of this outfit has to be my new ARMADIO cross body bag. This (100% hand crafted, genuine leather, made in Italy) bag is part of their new collection and I am so happy I’ve finally found a cross body that is fun, functional, and of course fashionable. I love how playful the orange accent is; with a color that bold you can do just about anything with it – don’t let that brightness fool you. You can make it the star of your outfit or you can make it your cool/chic accent that pulls your look together perfectly for any season. This is one of those bags I will undoubtedly hang on to forever, read more about Armadio and why they need to be on your radar HERE (it’s a past post of mine but I seriously L O V E this brand and what they do and create).


// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography


\\ DETAILS \\ 

PANTS: Zara (old) – almost identical pair from Missguided ($48) / similar Alice + Olivia pair ($298)

CROSS BODY: Armadio – “Maia” in orange – $219

JACKET: Topshop (old) – similar Topshop option


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