Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail

Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail

Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail

Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail

Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail

Love and Loathing LA Tequila Cocktail


Summer, to me, is all about spending time with your friends and family, finding a patio to sit on and soak up the sun, and enjoying delicious food and cocktails over great conversation. This Summer in particular has been the season of Tequila Herradura and finding as many ways possible to create fun and refreshing beverages to pair with this quintessential LA weather. At the tender age of 27 with an “interesting” past with tequila, the appreciation I’ve developed this year for quality Tequila I completely and wholeheartedly owe to Herradura. I’ve had the pleasure of gaining in depth knowledge of the spirit and brand, and since then I’ve hosted wonderful dinners and cocktail mixers with Herradura by my side. Just this past July, my girlfriend Kara of hosted at dinner where we both created cocktails with Herradura that we felt embodied “Summer”. We had such a blast having our friends come out to try the cocktails over dinner – we even had them make Tequila Herradura cocktails of their own!

That night I created a Tequila Herradura cocktail aptly called ‘The Love & Loathing’. It’s a take on the classic Horseshoe Margarita (Herrdura Silver, agave nectar, fresh lime juice), just amped up a notch by throwing in a little cool, fresh mint that is juxtaposed with the spice from a little serrano pepper. It’s a refreshing, simple, and balanced cocktail being that it’s a little hot and a little cold – just like love/loathing. (See what I did there now.) I can’t quit this cocktail lately and it really is SO easy to make. Shakers are always ideal, but even if you don’t have one you can still get by so long as you’ve got the right tequila and the right ingredients. I will be riding this obsession out through the holiday weekend and if you happen to be on hosting duties, consider your cocktail situation covered.


// RECIPE //



2 slices of mint

2 mint leaves (slap em! So as to release the aromas – trust me it’s a thing)

2 pieces of serrano pepper (more or less depending on your preferred level of “heat”)



2 parts Herradura Silver

1 part fresh lime juice

1 part agave nectar



THEN SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE (or stir stir stir) and VOILA. Don’t forget to watch the video above though for the real tutorial!


Disclosure: this post was created in partnership with Herradura, but as always these are genuine opinions and belong only to me. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands who support and allow me to bring you fresh and community driven content on the reg!

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