Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress


Slip dresses are, yes, slips, but you don’t want to ACUALLY look like you’re getting in to bed soon or walking around in undergarments, you want to look on trend! The first rule with shopping for a slip dress is to find one that is the right length and fit – shapeless: good / clingy or too short: bad. The tighter/thinner/softer the dress, especially of the slip variety, the likelier it is to border on unflattering. Slip dresses are usually made of a shinier, silk/satin like material that really love to showcase anyones and everyones insecurities, so the way to avoid that and make the dress flattering is to find one that is either of a slightly thicker “silk-like” material or a bit shapeless. Shapeless isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes boxy is fun and fashionable! When it comes to shapeless items though I find that there has to be one feminine component in plain view, like a low back or a slit for example, so that there is a hint of “hey I’m a woman” created somewhere. If it’s a boxy shirt, I wear it with a skirt, if it’s a boxy dress, I wear it with heels – you smell what I’m cookin’.

Slip dresses have been huge the past two seasons and I’ve got a sneaking suspicious feeling they won’t be going anywhere this Fall. Even as it starts to get a bit chillier (well, everywhere but LA that is) you can continue to rock that slip dress by throwing a t-shirt or long sleeve under your slip dress, or just pairing it with a cool moto style leather jacket and booties. For Fall, be on the look out for velvet and sequin style slip dresses. You’ve still got plenty of time to shop for the perfect slip dress, here are a few of my favorite picks from around the internet to get you inspired:


Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress

Love and Loathing LA Slip Dress


1. ASOS: Denim Midi Slip Dress in Washed Black with Side Split – $57

2.  (UO) Silence + Noise: Sadie Satin Midi Slip Dress – $49.99 (on sale!)

3. (UO) Silence + Noise: Deep-V Satin Maxi Slip Dress (comes in 3 colors) – $89

4. ZARA: Sequined Dress (in Steel) – $49.90

5. ASOS: Vero Moda Cami Slip Dress – $39

6. ZARA: Velvet Dress (in green) – $35.90


// PHOTOS //

Elaine Torres Photography


\\ DETAILS \\ 

DRESS: Zara (old)

SHOES: Sam Edelman “Yoselin”

BAG: Clare V. flat clutch (this particular style is gone now)



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