Love and Loathing LA Vegan Leather

Love and Loathing LA Vegan Leather

Love and Loathing LA Vegan Leather

Love and Loathing LA Vegan Leather

Love and Loathing LA Vegan Leather


I’m a firm believer that leather is acceptable for ALL seasons! Ambitious? Maybe. Unfashionable? Never. Vegan leather is always my preferred option, and this sassy little n:PHILANTHROPY fringe dress is the PERFECT Spring/Summer “night on the town” look. Fringe is still totally doin’ it for me as well as jackets/skirts/everything in between covered in patches, but my love for military style clothes and leather will simply stand the test of time.

n:PHILANTHROPY is a recent brand to hit my radar, but it didn’t take much convincing (if any at all) to decide that they were to become one of my favorite/most respected brands in my closet. They’re collection is made up of mostly awesome quality top to bottom basics peppered with a few WOW-factor pieces like leather fringe skirts and dresses. I have one of their “worn” basic white t’s as well as a comfy bright colored muscle tank and they’re both hands down two of my absolute favorite go-to tops. This dress though is just a whole lotta fun that makes me feel like a whole lotta woman. n:PHILANTHROPY is in the business of doing good by the community, which gives us all the more reason to love/adore/support them. n:PHILANTHROPY donates 10% of net proceeds to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and SPCALA, and THAT right there is one incredibly admirable business model. LA girls supporting LA businesses who support LA charities… it just doesn’t get any better than that. Being a #RebelWithACause is exactly the kind of person I want to be – especially in a fringe leather dress.


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Elaine Torres Photography



DRESS // n:PHILANTHROPY – Fringe Leather Dress (available in a midi skirt / mini skirt) – $158

JACKET // TOPSHOP – Badged Shackett – $95

SHOES // ALDO – similiar pair HERE, $30



  1. Arianna says:

    Love this look and your site!

  2. Lex MG says:

    oh GOOD LORD ! ummm. I have things to say/agree on about fake leather, and about parts of your text…and also about the images…da images……however, i’m presently…how shall i say…..a bit disadvantaged. I will make a note of this post and put it in my comment-later folder. let’s all hope for the best.

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