Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


Bathing suit season is around the corner, but unfortunately so is the taco truck. Amiright or amiright. During these difficult times when we must try to exhibit some self control. The good news is Los Angeles is FULL of eateries who can cater to a range of dietary needs – especially those of the “good health” variety. The even better news is that when it comes to most of these eateries you will in no shape or form be sacrificing satisfaction; you can totally have your kale and eat it too. These 5 *yummy* spots definitely have my ‘healthy lunch spot’ stamp of approval.


Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


If I lived any closer to Sweetfin Poké, I’d might as well just move in because within the past year it has become my all time favorite go-to lunch spot. Poké might be having a moment here in LA but trust me – no one does it quite like Sweetfin. No matter which option you go with (tuna, salmon, albacore, snapper -you cannot go wrong with any), don’t forget to add crispy onions to your bowl. Thank me later.

Fun fact: on Wednesdays Sweetfin comes up with a new bowl (available only that day) inspired by what chef finds at the Santa Monica Farmers Market!

Santa Monica // 829 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401


Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


Known for their healthy Japanese tapas style menu, Necco is making quite the name for themselves with their beautifully plated dishes that are equally as lovely to eat. Necco is one of those restaurants that after the meal you feel better than when you came in; like you’ve eaten a rainbow and have truly done something good for your body. I’m a huge fan of tapas and trying several dishes; all of their’s will certainly leave you with a whole new appreciation for necco (which means “root” in Japanese) and vegetables.

Fun fact: Chef Kenji Koyama is Lorde’s most favorite maker of meals!

Westwood // 1929 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025


Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


You won’t exactly find any ostrich on the menu here at Ostrich Farm, but you will find several simple “farm fresh” inspired dishes in the form of hearty savory bowls, salads, tartines, flatbreads, and organic protein plates. Now, not every delicious dish on the menu will be considered “low cal” (oh hello, brioche cinnamon buns…), but I’m impressed with just how many lighter options are actually featured – especially for brunch, which is offered every day by the way. (YAY!)

Fun fact: when it’s finally time to #treatyoself, Ostrich Farm has a great wine list and a perfect bar in which to enjoy said wine.

Echo Park // 1525 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026


Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


M Cafe is known for their Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine; which in English means food that’s good for you, but in the tastiest way possible. When I really need to pull it together but I can’t take another underwhelming hardboiled egg lunch, M Cafe knows how to take care of me and remind me that foods that are healthy CAN be exciting if prepared creatively. Especially when they come in the form of an M Cafe Macro Burger and a Turmeric Refresher.

Fun fact: if you’re in need of a quick body reset, M Cafe offers a 5 day meal + juice program!

Fairfax // 7119 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

Beverly Hills // 9433 Brighton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Brentwood // 11678 San Vicente Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90049


Love and Loathing LA LowCal Lunch


“Seasonal salads, grains, and lean proteins” – does that not sound exactly like what your diet begs of you? It sure sounds like mine, and that would be why for the past month I’ve been at Picnic LA at least once a week feasting on the only kale salad in the world I like – among other things. Picnic LA is a fast casual vibe where you order at a long cafeteria-like counter and choose your dishes as you move along; I always go with an entree (the meatballs or the Korean BBQ cauliflower)  and two salads (some leafy some grainy). It’s a perfect guilt-free well balanced meal, but should you find that you’re in need a little cheat treat make sure you get the key lime pie bar.

Fun fact: from food to accouterments, Picnic LA literally has all your picnicking needs covered – blankets, baskets, utensils, the works!

Culver City // 9900 Culver Blvd 1B Culver City, CA 90232

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  1. Erin says:

    First of all, you’re so funny. I totally relate to the taco truck hahah but loveeee this post and one of the things I love most about LA is all of the amazing healthy food options. Sweetfin is one of my favorite and I don’t know how I didn’t know this Wednesday situation. I mayyyy need to go today now. Thanks for sharing babe! xx, Erin – http://www.stylebythepeople.com

    • HAHA I love that you can relate!!! There’s basically as many delicious taco trucks in LA as there are people, and sometimes it’s hard to stay away !!! But for those days when we decide to be “good” I totally agree – at least we’ve got places like Sweetfin to keep things interesting!!! Definitely go on a Wednesday though, the Farmers Market bowls are everything <3

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