Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts


If there’s one thing I know about LA it’s that there are just as many workout studios as there are Starbucks. We’re quite the fortunate bunch to be in the thriving thicket of a health driven community where we can take part in just about every kind of workout imaginable. If you wake up and think, “today I’d like to do yoga with my dog”, or “maybe I’ll try pole dancing”, or “I want to feel like a Cirque du Soliel goddess”, the amazing thing is in Los Angeles literally all of your workout fantasies can be reality. Nothing gets you going and excited to workout like when you know you’re going to have a good time doing it. Classpass, for me, has been the most incredible way to discover not only new gyms but all types of new workouts. Whether it’s your basic types of studios or something you can’t believe actually exists, Classpass has it all for you to try and experience within the service.

If you’ve been feeling bored with your routine or curious to try something new, here’s 5 of my favorite workouts (all on Classpass!) I’ve tried recently that I absolutely loved. From fast paced 25 minute training all the way up to hour long ass-kickers, these workouts are guaranteed to jazz up your routine.


Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts



WHAT HAPPENS : if the word “Supraformer” doesn’t already scare you, then discovering the class is only 25 minutes for a good reason definitely will. The Lagree Method is a type of Pilates and in my experience it’s by far the most challenging and effective. The difference between your average Lagree Method class and one, say, on a Supraformer, is that on a Supraformer you’re getting your butt kicked much harder and much quicker. This machine is like a Pilates spaceship, and the instructor is in control of making the machine go up, down, right and left, taking each classic move from a level 1 to a level 5 with the press of a button. It’s so tough but it’s so great – it’s the perfect class when you need something worthwhile but you’re short on time.


Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts

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WHAT HAPPENS : this for me was one of those classes I was surprised existed and yet insisted on investigating because it sounded so incredibly interesting. Platefit is a 30 minute full body workout program done entirely on a vibrating platform called a Power Plate – you may have seen these machines before in a gym or elsewhere but they’re great for stretching and apparently much more. I had no idea what I was in store for with Platefit, but once the 30 minutes were up I was out of breath, sweating like crazy, and was pleasantly surprised how much fun I’d had. The Platefit class consists of interval training mixing calisthenics and weights for the perfect cardio blast. No two classes are ever the same, and should you find that Platefit was interesting, body vibrations and all, consider trying one of their other classes like “Bootcampfit”, “Balletfit”, “Dancefit”, or even “Cellulitefit” (oh yeah baby).


Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts



WHAT HAPPENS : Mighty Pilates is new to these Southern California parts and this particular Pilates studio offers a ton of fun classes ranging from classic reformer classes, TRX classes, and my recent favorite discovery: Jumpboard classes. Jumpboard as you may have guessed involves a lot of jumping, and the best part about THIS jump class is that you’ll be getting a full cardio workout in while laying down – genius. The class won’t exactly kill you, but you will sweat, you will have sore legs the next day, and you will have the most fun ever jumping “up and down” on their reformers. I felt like the most glorious and graceful ballerina, and I had a smile on my face the entire time. what about that doesn’t sound lovely?


Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts



WHAT HAPPENS : out of all the classes I’ve tried recently, Rise Nation’s “climber” class was by far the most difficult and therefore the most satisfying. Rise Nation has garnered a lot of local and national attention with their intense 30 minute full body workout done in a class full of “Climber” machines. If you’ve done a Soul Cycle class or at least know what that might entail I found that Rise Nation’s premise was something of a similar nature: provide an epic atmosphere, select a God-like instructor to lead, blast current tunes, and beat the crap out of everyone with an intense cardio driven workout and there you have it – LA’s latest obsession. It may have been some of the most challenging (yet entertaining) minutes of my life, but leaving that class was the most accomplished I’ve felt in a hot minute. #worthit. 


Love and Loathing LA 5 New Workouts



WHAT HAPPENS : you can get the full low-down on my thoughts about Y7 right HERE in a past article I wrote, but the gist behind genius concept is simply based around key components like yoga, an infrared heated room, no mirrors, candlelight, and yes, hip hop. Hip Hop Wednesdays and Sundays in particular are 60 minute classes where the “flow” is focused on a specific musical artist, i.e. Nas, or Lauren Hill. Hip Hop + yoga never made more sense together until Y7 came along and showed us the way.

READ: Y7. Where Hip Hop, Candlelight, and Yoga Collide. 

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